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When Han Li saw the young girl’s disappointed expression, he suddenly smiled and gently said, “Although I can’t accept you as a disciple, do not lose heart! I can introduce you to my Foundation Establishment Senior Martial Brother, a potential master. However, whether or not you can become his disciple all depends on my Senior Martial Brother. Is this to your satisfaction?”

“Really?” The young girl’s original look of disappointment vanished. When she heard those words, her spirit immediately shook.

Without speaking further, Han Li took out a sound transmission talisman and lightly mumbled a few sentences into the talisman. Then he handed it to the young girl along with a jade medallion.

“Take this talisman and this jade medallion. Bring these with you to Yellow Maple Valley and find a Senior surnamed Ma. At that time, whether or not he will accept you as a disciple will depend on your luck,” Han Li added with an indifferent expression.

The girl didn’t expect that even though Han Li was unwilling to take her in as a disciple, he would give her another opportunity. With her wish once again ignited, she hastily saluted Han Li and expressed her thanks. The old man was equivalently in high spirits.

“Because I’m uncertain whether he will accept you as his disciple, I will also give you two high-grade magic tools. This could also be regarded as compensation for that Daoist book of yours.”

While Han Li was saying this, he took out an embroidered emerald-green silk cloth and a small blue sword, casually handing them over to the old man.

When the old man saw this, he appeared pleasantly surprised.

He originally believed that having Han Li introduce the young girl to a master was quite a good fortune, but he hadn’t thought that Han Li would bestow even more substantial benefits. He couldn’t help but feel extremely grateful.

The old man hurriedly expressed his thanks once more and respectfully took the magic tools, revealing an extremely content expression.

He had cultivated for so many years, yet he only had one high-grade magic tool on hand. Now that he acquired two more, how could he not be satisfied?

Han Li did not stay for long, but before he left, he casually withdrew the Spiritual Qi he had placed on the pair’s bodies. Under their respectful gazes, Han Li flew off and departed.

After they saw Han Li fly far away, the old man handed the embroidered silk to the young girl and kept the small sword as he roared with laughter. Then they made preparations to leave the next day and go find that Senior Ma at Yellow Maple Valley in order to see whether or not his granddaughter could become a disciple of the Seven Sects.

However, old man Xiao was a bit puzzled as to why Han Li was mixed among the Qin Clan. Those people were genuine mortals!


Not knowing old man Xiao had let his imagination run wild, Han Li rushed back to the Qin Residence with joyful anticipation.

Because he used his magic tool

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