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“Eldest Brother, could it be you doubt me?” The fifth sister said with an unyielding false smile.

“It’s because everyone trusts you that they’re giving you this chance. You only have to show us what’s in that box. Take the initiative to open it and dispel everyone’s doubts!” The old man coldly said.

Hearing the old man’s words, this fifth sister’s expression became extremely colorful, continuously alternating between shades of white and red.

When she took a look at the others, they all looked at her with an expression of lament, causing her heart to feel cold. She didn’t know what else to say.

After a moment of consideration, she came to a decision. Putting away the small box, she quickly took out a blue bead that she raised over her head, saying harshly, “Do not pressure me! You should all recognize this Heavenly Lightning Seed. All I want is to leave this place!”

The woman’s actions caused the expressions of the other friends of Meng Mountain to greatly change, especially that youth who had a particularly good impression of her; his appearance was extremely miserable.

“It seems we no longer need to see what’s inside that box! Fifth Sister, you have truly associated yourself with evil.” The old man furiously yelled and suddenly stepped forward with his hands raised.

“Don’t come over, Eldest Brother! Otherwise I will truly use this on you!” The fifth sister revealed a frantic appearance and brought the blue bead in front of her, making a throwing gesture.

Seeing this, although the old man’s hair went wild, he truly did not dare to approach. After all, he clearly understood the might of this Heavenly Lightning Seed.

“Fifth sister, do you really plan on using that Heavenly Lightning Seed to deal with all of us? That magic tool was given to you because your cultivation was far too low. We all intentionally pooled together our magic stones to buy this to you for self-defense, especially Fourth Brother, who took out all of his savings for it. Now you unexpectedly want to use it to deal with us? Is this not excessive?” The middle-aged woman asked with extreme disappointment.

When the youth to the side heard this, he moved his lips as all sort of feelings welled up in his heart, but he wasn’t able to say anything.

When the fifth sister heard the middle-aged woman’s words, her appearance revealed traces of shame, but they faded away in an instant. She then unyieldingly said, “What’s the use in saying all of this? We are not alike. I must reach Foundation Establishment above all else. Those from the Black Fiend School said that so long as I have enough merits, they won’t just give me a Foundation Establishment Pill. They would have me directly enter Foundation Establishment through forceful means. Furthermore, their methodwouldn’tcarryany danger!”

When the tall, thin man heard this, he wrinkled his brow and couldn’t help but speak.

“Fifth Sister, it isn’t too late to turn around! Do you really think yo

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