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Han Li was quite familiar with the obsessed expression the young woman revealed as she departed.

The very first time he saw Li Huayuan control that huge flood dragon, he also had this envious gaze.

With this thought, Han Li felt that this beautiful young woman was truly interesting.

Afterhe slightlysmiled, he silently disappeared from the tree. He reappeared within the tall walls of the prince’s mansion.

At this moment, not only did Han Li use the “Invisibility Technique” that would hide him from mortals, but he also used the “Qi Restraining Technique”, a Qi concealment technique that cultivators could use only after achieving Foundation Establishment.

He quickly flashed by the scurrying maids and servants within the prince’s residence without anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary.

After a moment, Han Li infiltrated into the back residence of the prince’s mansion. He secretly hid behind a pillar at some desolate corridor and watched everything nearby with a cold gaze.

Not long after, a somewhat pretty maid walked nearby. Han Li suddenly shot out a ball of yellow light the size of a fist from his finger, striking the maid’s head. The maid suddenly staggered as if she were about fall onto the floor.

Without waiting for her to fall, Han Li had already leaped out to grab her and flew back to hide behind the pillar.

With great skill, Han Li straightened the young maid’s weak body and arranged it so that she faced him. He then opened his mouth and spouted out azure Spiritual Qi, which entered her tightly closed eyes.

At this moment, the young maid’s eyelids started to move, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Just as the young maid was waking up, she saw a pair of gold yellow eyes staring at her coldly.

Just as she thought about yelling loudly and putting up a struggle, strange yellow streaks of light suddenly shot out from those eyes directly into her own.

The young maid immediately felt the world spin as her vision was filled with a golden yellow color. Then, with a tilted head, she lost consciousness.

Han Li took another look at the young maid who fainted and lightly sighed before lightly wiping away the sweat on her face.

Although he could only use the “Soul Controlling Technique” for a short among of time, it truly consumed far too much of his attention and felt quite strenuous. It was no wonder that this magic technique was classified as a worthless Foundation Establishment technique.

Although this magic technique would make the target obediently follow the caster as a slave for a short amount of time, it had great limitations. As such, the cultivators who practiced this magic technique were truly few in number!

First of all, this magic technique could only be used on mortals. It didn’t have the slightest effect on cultivators. Even if there was a great disparity in cultivation, so long as there was spiritual power coursing through their heads, other cultivators could easily

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