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Being the one involved, Xin Ruyin started to become similarly excited!

After all, this regarded a complete recovery from her long-lasting affliction. However, her expression changed from dark to bright several times. She hesitated and said while biting her red lips, “What sort of matter does Senior wish for Junior to help with? Please do not hesitate to say! As long as it doesn’t violate my conscious and morality, this young woman will certainly agree!”

When Xin Ruyin said this and looked at Han Li with clear eyes, she feared Han Li would be unable to answer to her request.

Seeing this woman’s cautiousness, Han Li couldn’t help but give a knowing smile.

This reminded him of his own circumstances at the beginning of his journey of cultivation. He had also been very cautious and feared that treading the wrong path would result in his death.

“Fellow Daoist Xin doesn’t need to be so nervous. I only want fellow Daoist to restore a formation spell. So long as you are able to restore it, I will offer you the spirit herb!” Han Li soon answered with a calm expression. He didn’t evade her straight gaze, but rather met it with a magnanimous gaze.

After Xin Ruyin heard this, she was a bit skeptical.

She then let out a breath and relaxed, blossoming a lovely appearance. She said, “If it is truly a matter of restoration, then it will be no problem! Ruyin will do all she can to restore it. Senior, please be at ease.”

The girl’s originally neutral expression suddenly became a clear and bright smile. Han Li couldn’t help but be stunned by the beauty of her charm! There was no need to mention that her long-time admirer, Qi Yunxiao, had long since fallen into a spell of imbecility from the smile and was incapable of waking himself.

When Xin Ruyin saw the strangeness of Han Li’s gaze, she couldn’t help blush a bit more, causing her charm to become even more lovely.

At this moment, Han Li hurriedly restrained his previously out-of-control mind and continued, “Truthfully speaking, although this one knows that Fellow Daoist Yin’s research into formation spells is certainly deep, I don’t know if it can truly be repaired. Also, the original formation is incapable of being moved, thus this one made a copy of its designs. I hope fellow Daoist will be able to look at the designs and repair it!”

With this said, Han Li took out the jade slip from his storage pouch and handed it over to Xin Ruyin. She immediately injected her consciousness into it with great curiosity.

After examining it, she involuntarily cried out from shock, “Ancient transportation formation?!”

When Han Li heard her shout, the biggest worry in his heart disappeared without a trace!

‘As expected, that transportation formation was an ancient transportation formation. Now, let's see if this woman can repair it.’

As Han Li thought this, he couldn’t help but pay close attention to Xin Yurin’s facial expression, afraid that she would reveal an expressi

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