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“No! It’s just that he looks very similar to an old friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.” The strange expression in Celestial Nangong’s eyes disappeared, and she recovered her clear, cold gaze.

This sentence caused Han Li’s heart to feel a tart, slightly bitter taste.

“Oh, then this is really coincidental!” Li Huayuan gently laughed and said, sizing up Han Li once again. However, Han Li’s face was as calm as water, not revealing even the slightest odd reaction.

The other cultivators glanced at each other once; although they all revealed knowing expressions, only the heavens knew how much they truly believed!

This Celestial Nangong also knew that these words were unlikely to obtain the trust of the others; however, she still offered no defense and floated away. The remaining people all gazed at Han Li with deep meaning before saying their goodbyes to Li Huayuan and his wife.

The smile on Li Huayuan’s face slowly disappeared after sending off all the guests. He knitted his eyebrows, then turned around and said to Han Li indifferently:

“Follow me into the room, I have some things to ask you!”

Seeing this, Han Li bitterly complained to himself, but he could only agree. As for his master’s young wife, she gently assured Han Li with a few sentences, then followed him into the room.

When Han Li walked into the guest lobby, Li Huayuan was sitting on the chair, appearing very thoughtful.

“You and Nangong Wan of the Masked Moon Sect know each other?” Li Huayuan, upon seeing that Han Li was in front of him, stopped his contemplation and directly asked Han Li this without beating around the bush at all.

Han Li was silent for a while upon hearing this, weighing his options in his heart many times. He knew that Nangong Wan’s strange behavior had definitely been noticed by his master and that he would have no way of making something up to get by; thus he could only nod his head in acknowledgement:

“This disciple truly had a fateful encounter with this Martial Aunt Nangong once!”

Upon hearing Han Li confess this so easily, Li Huayuan actually felt that it was somewhat strange, and the expression on his face immediately became warmer.

“Can you tell me what exactly happened?” The young woman’s curiosity was greatly aroused upon hearing these words from Han Li, and she couldn’t help but ask this question. Just then, Nangong Wan had directly denied that she and Han Li knew each other, yet now this disciple suddenly said that they did know each other; there definitely would be some interesting stories involved.

When Li Huayuan heard his wife ask this, he also nodded his head and gazed at Han Li; it seemed that he also wanted to know the whole story.

“Master, please forgive me. Because this matter involves some of Martial Aunt Nangong’s personal matters, this disciple once promised her that I would absolutely not leak this matter; please forgive me, Master and Master’s Wife!” Han Li tactfully refused,

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