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Han Li took a look at the warrant in his hand. It was a conscription order for all traveling disciples, signed by every sect master. He felt extremely depressed!

The conscription order had to be genuine as the sect masters’ spirit emblem wasn’t something that could be forged. However, he truly did not want to follow these orders!

From the other party’s words, Han Li had learned about the Six Devil Dao Sect’s invasion and the great, unavoidable calamity that was about to fall upon the State of Yue’s cultivation world.

Regardless of whether or not the Seven Sects of the State of Yue could resist, innumerable cultivators were certain to die. Even Core Formation Experts would have their core destroyed and perish in no small number.

Thus, when Han Li learned of this astonishing information, what he wanted to do the most was to immediately return to his Immortal’s cave and seclude himself for several tens of years.

However, he also knew that this was merely a pipe dream. As a disciple of the Seven Sects, how could he so easily escape from this great inferno?

While Han Li thought about this, he had already been conscripted by the Masked Moon Sect cultivator in front of him. At this moment, the Masked Moon Sect cultivator said with a smile, “Has this Junior Martial Brother clearly read it? Could Junior Martial Brother state his name and cultivation? We will be working together in the future, so the more we know about each other’s capabilities, the better!”

Han Li composed himself, looked at this person, and then looked at the thirty-plus cultivators behind him. Among these cultivators, there were three late Foundation Establishment cultivators. The rest were Qi Condensation disciples. This caused Han Li to be slightly at ease. At the very least, it didn’t seem this assignment was going to be very difficult.

With this thought, Han Li cupped his fist and said, “Yellow Maple Valley’s Han Li! Early Foundation Establishment!”

Although the Foundation Establishment cultivators could clearly see each other’s cultivation, it was a matter of courtesy. Han Li sincerely carried this out. After all, the other party included late Foundation Establishment disciples with cultivation bases far greater than his own. He wasn’t willing to rashly offend them. Soon after, Han Li asked with misgivings, “Brother, why do you not suspect my identity? Right after you stopped me, you immediately showed me the conscription warrant. Surely you didn’t rely solely on my Yellow Maple Valley uniform?”

When Han Li originally saw this group of Saber Transformation Dock and Masked Moon Sect cultivators, Han Li originally planned to flee. However, he didn’t think this fellow with amazing eyesight would flash several times and appear in front of him, blocking his way and announcing that he was being conscripted.

“Hehe! In the last Trial by Blood and Fire, this one had previously seen Junior Martial Brother! I didn’t think that several years afterw

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