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"Hmph! As our senior, you have no need to humiliate us in this way. If you have any methods to torture us with, just use them!” The tall, skinny Second Brother of the Five Friends from Meng Mountain suddenly yelled at Han Li; he did not seem to be afraid that his life hung in Han Li’s hands.

This greatly shocked the other three! In their hearts, this second eldest brother was someone who would think before acting; he was not an impulsive person!

The thirty year-old youth, who felt that Han Li seemed somewhat familiar, thought for a moment; He suddenly seemed to recall something and immediately turned towards the tall, skinny man, yelling at him with anger and fright, “Second Brother, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to purposefully enrage this Senior and cause him to kill all of us in his anger?”

As soon as this sentence left his mouth, even Han Li was slightly shocked, not to mention the dark-faced elder and the young woman; he had no idea why this youth would say these things.

In an instant, the Second Brother’s face became incomparably pale and didn’t say anything to defend himself.

“Fourth Brother, you’re mad! How could Second Brother want us to die?” When the young woman heard this, she angrily defended the tall, thin man.

Then the woman turned her face toward the dark-faced old man to say something. However, she truly hadn’t thought the old man would look so gloomy.

“Second Brother, is it because Third Sister still remains in their grasp that you thought to have everyone die so that Third Sister may live!?” The dark-faced old man coldly asked.

“Forgive me, Eldest Brother, but you of all people should know his methods. From the hidden meaning behind his words, Third Sister will be certain to suffer a hundred torments under his hand and live a life worse than death. It would be better to have one’s soul fly away and be scattered than to suffer that fate!” The thin, tall Second Brother eventually explained with a face of shame.

When the young woman heard this, her face became incomparably pale. Her lips moved several times, but no words were able to come out.

“Humph, even if Third Sister is your Dao Companion, you actually have the nerve to use our three lives in exchange for her own?” The thirty year-old youth resentfully yelled at the second brother.

“Second Brother, although Fourth Brother speaks somewhat bluntly, he is not without reason! When we swore our oaths as sworn siblings that year, we promised that we would all live and die together. But now for your selfish ideas, you wanted to deliberately kill everyone. This is unjustifiable!” The dark-faced old man’s voice was filled with disappointment.

“Correct! I wanted everyone to die but what other method do I have? My own flesh and blood is within Third Sister’s stomach. I can’t have my Li Clan become extinct here! Otherwise, who else would take the initiative to seek death? A wretched life is preferable to a good death!”


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