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Just as Han Li was considering this, the dark-faced old man continued without stopping, “... We were unable to discover the true circumstances of the Black Fiend School Master’s cultivation. By his side, there are four great Blood Servants closely protecting him, similar to the one we encountered today. It is certain that we are not capable of being their match as we are now. Thus, I recommend to Senior that we do not take the initiative to further provoke them and that it would be best to wait for reinforcements...”

“Be at ease. This Black Fiend School Master is at most a late Foundation Establishment cultivator. I’m quite certain he has yet to reach Core Formation.”

Han Li, who had originally been listening from the beginning, suddenly interrupted the old man’s words and said this with much certainty.

Han Li’s words stunned the dark-faced old man at first, but he suddenly became happy. The others also appeared greatly relieved.

Although they didn’t know why Han Li was so certain, since it was Senior Han who had said this, it was extremely unlikely he was wrong! A moment ago, they had been discussing that if their enemy happened to be a Core Formation cultivator, they would only be able to flee in humiliation! Even if with the assistance of reinforcements from the Seven Sects, it was still uncertain if the Black Fiend School Master could be dealt with.

But now that Han Li had said this, the hearts of the Four Friends of Meng Mountain naturally grew much calmer.

“Could Senior tell us a few things? When we interrogated Steward Wang, he didn’t have the slightest idea about the Black Fiend School Master’s cultivation!”

“Fourth Brother, what nonsense are you speaking? Since Senior Han has said this, it must be completely true.” The dark-faced old man fiercely rebuked the youth with a serious expression.

When Han Li heard their words, he slightly smiled and calmly said, “This isn’t some kind of secret! This information came from the fact that the school master requires Foundation Establishment cultivators to conduct blood sacrifices.”

Han Li’s relaxed voice slowly explained this.

“Although our Yellow Maple Valley isn’t very involved with Devilish Dao cultivation techniques, we do have some understanding of blood sacrifices, this impatient and destructive evil magic. This devilish art works by taking in other cultivator’s blood essence and using it to boost their own cultivation. This was once a common occurrence in previous devilish sects as it is able to greatly increase a cultivator’s magic power in a short period and skip a great amount of time spent in meditation, bitterly cultivating. As a result, there was a time in the cultivation world when not only the Devilish Dao but even Righteous Sects had many people secretly cultivation this technique.”

After Han Li said this, he coldly laughed, and a slight sneer occurred at the corner of his mouth. Then he continued, “However, this insane cultivation techn

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