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However, even as Han Li sighed, he was somewhat puzzled!

Although Han Li wasn’t proficient in bewitchment techniques, Han Li knew a thing or two about them.

Every cultivator mastered the “Heaven’s Eye Technique”. It could even be considered the most basic of bewitchment techniques. If the gap in magic power between two cultivators was far too great and the stronger cultivator caught the other party off-guard by looking at his eyes while activating the Heaven’s Eye Technique, then the cultivator on the receiving end would become stunned during a fight.

Other kinds of bewitchment-type magic techniques also relied on a huge disparity in magic power in order to control the victim’s mind by force.

By common conventions, there wasn’t a large enough gap between Dong Xuan’er’s early Foundation Establishment cultivation and that glamorous man’s mid Foundation Establishment cultivation where a gaze would immediately control her to such an absurd degree. If the other party were a Core Formation cultivator casting the bewitchment technique, then it would be somewhat possible.

However, from that glamorous man’s expression and his resentful expression when he departed, this did not seem to be the case at all. It was absolutely impossible that he was a Core Formation cultivator pretending to be a Foundation Establishment cultivator in order to play with them.

With this thought, Han Li finally felt somewhat more at ease. After all, with that glamorous man’s resentful expression when he left, Han Li would have to be diligently on guard.

When he had lifted his head in contemplation, he noticed that Dong Xuan’er’s lovely, pitiful appearance had long disappeared as she was flirting with the other two.

Seeing this scene, Han Li secretly let out a sigh and stood, wanting to head back to his room.

However, when Han Li put his hand on the wooden door, having not yet open it, he suddenly heard a man’s loud voice from outside the inn.

“Guests of the inn, listen well. Tomorrow, the Treasure Seizing Assembly will be divided into two divisions. The cultivators of this country will be conducted on the west side on Yan Ling Castle. The cultivators of other countries will be conducted on the east side. We request all guests to arrive early. Those that arrive late will automatically be disqualified.”

After this voice repeated this message three more times, the speaker seemed to have left.

When Han Li heard these words, he was startled. But soon after, he didn’t pay it any mind and walked into his room.

Although Han Li was surprised at the separation of cultivators in the competition, he didn’t sense that anything was inappropriate.

After all, if cultivators of the seven sects and foreign cultivators were to compete, they were certain to provoke no small amount of incidences. This kind of xenophobic mentality was common in all places. This could clearly be seen at the previous confrontational circumstances in the teahouse.

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