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Han Li’s side had nine Foundation Establishment cultivators and over sixty Qi Condensation disciples. Although they were a bit weaker than the opposition, they had the Four Fiend Formation, so it wasn’t as if they were completely defenseless.

As a result, Xuan Yue called out, having Han Li and the other cultivators hide near the Four Fiend Formations and observe the enemy’s movements.

At this moment, Han Li was able to take a distinct look at the Devil Dao attackers.

They were all wearing either red or yellow robes. It seemed they were cultivators from two sects.

Standing at the forefront were an ordinary-looking red-robed young woman and an old yellow-robed man who appeared to be sixty to seventy years old. Their cultivation wasn’t particularly special, one being at early Foundation Establishment and the other at late Foundation Establishment. They were talking to each other with slight smiles on their faces.

“Be careful. These people are from the Devil Flame Sect and the Heavenly Fiend Sect.” Lu Tianmeng, being the only one who had experienced multiple encounters with the Six Devil Dao Sects, said this to the other cultivators with great caution as if he felt great fear towards the people from these two sects.

When the Han Li and the other cultivators heard this, their expressions naturally grew increasingly serious.

At this moment, the young red clothed woman stopped chatting, turned her head, and insipidly said a few words.

Because Han Li and the others were too far away, they weren’t able to hear very clearly what she said, but her words made the red-robed cultivators behind the young woman move forward before slowly flying down toward the canyon’s four offensive formations.

At this moment, the yellow-robed old man also silently waved his hand, and his yellow-robed cultivators became streaks of yellow light that headed toward the Four Fiend Formation. Within the formation, Han Li and the others unknowingly held their breaths and impatiently revealed their magic tools.

These yellow-robed cultivators naturally didn’t foolishly charge straight into the formation. Instead, they stopped about a hundred meters away from the Four Fiend Formation. Then, magic tools flew out, aggressively throwing themselves at the great formation.

The collisions of the magic tools’ wondrous light and the Four Fiend Formation’s azure, red, blue, and yellow-colored restrictions released waves of thunderous explosions, causing the expressions of the Seven Sect cultivators underneath to slightly change.

“Half of you will go out to deal with those Heavenly Fiend cultivators. Do not let them break the great formation! The other half, be on guard against the Devil Flame Sect cultivators!” The Masked Moon Sect’s Xuan Yuee muttered to himself for a moment before decisively giving his orders.

Then a small pure white sword flew out of the formation and turned into a streak of white light, obstructing a flying saber as well

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