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Although the Five Friends of Meng Mountain were greatly surprised by Han Li’s decision, they felt that his words were reasonable, and so they didn’t oppose him.

However, when the middle-aged woman asked Han Li about the true identity of the two from the Black Fiend School, she was met with a tactful refusal from Han Li. Han Li only faintly smiled and said everyone would naturally come to know this once they made their move.

This caused the middle-aged woman to cease further pursuing the matter and reveal an appearance of indifference.

Not long after, Qin Ping passed on Qin Yan’s commands and arranged a nearby courtyard for the Five Friends of Meng Mountain.

As Han Li saw them move farther away, an odd expression flashed in his eyes, and he suddenly muttered something to himself that no one else could clearly hear.

At night, after everyone ate dinner, the Five Friends of Meng Mountain gathered together in the guest hall of the Clear Sound Courtyard. They were preparing to move late at night as Han Li had instructed.

“This is baffling! I can’t seem to remember!” Thefourthbrother, a thirty year-oldyouth, incessantly racked his brains around witha confused appearance.

“Fourth Brother! You still don’t remember?”

The youngest of them, the fifth sister, asked this with a mysterious smile as she lazily sat in her chair.

“Fourth Brother, you’ve always said that Senior Han appeared familiar and that you had seen his face somewhere. However, you haven’t been able to remember when or where. This doesn’t sound very convincing to your youngster sister. Did you want to have a favorable relationship with Senior Han so badly that this mistook his identity?!”

It was clear that this young woman’s words were filled with ridicule.

“En, that’s very possible. After all, this Senior’s appearance is quite common, so it’s normal for Fourth Brother to be familiar with him!” The second brother teased as he tasted some tea.

However, his eyes didn’t leave the middle-aged woman at his side for a moment. He was continuously looking at her still attractive appearance and continued to glance at her belly with a sense of happiness.

However, this third sister, the middle-aged woman, saw the fourth’s brother distraught appearance and couldn’t help but make a scornful face with all her strength, causing him to laugh uncontrollably; his normally shrewd and profoundly strong appearance was nowhere to be found at the moment.

“Humph! You’re all talking drivel. I’m certain I’ve seen him before, but it doesn’t seem to have been recent. It should’ve been quite a few years back, else I wouldn’t have forgotten about it,” the youth said with unwillingless as he unhappily glared at the young woman and the tall, thin man.

“A few years back? Fourth Brother, several years ago we were bitterly cultivating and didn’t leave seclusion. How could you have seen Senior Han? Could it be that you saw him when you were still wearing diapers?” The

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