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Seeing that even the normally extremely steady Elder Hua behaved in such a hurried manner, Qin Yan finally made his decision.

Although he could tell Han Li’s disdain for this Immortal master from his tone, the other person was still a cultivator who was willing to accept disciples!

As for whether this immortal master’s cultivation layer was high or low, he did not have the time to worry about that too much.

Originally he had given thought to have his own juniors apprentice themselves to Han Li. However, in the time he spent in contact with Han Li, he realized that Han Li hadn’t the slightest interest in accepting disciples and was unable to pursue this matter.

His father had told him that when the first generation of the Qin Clan had grown wealthy, Immortal Master Li Huayuan made a trip to the Qin Clan to see if any of the children had Immortal karma. Unfortunately, not a single person had such luck, and Li Huayuan could only return with disappointment.

During Immortal Master Li’s next visit to the Qin Clan, the matter of accepting disciples wasn’t raised. According to the words of Immortal Master Li Huayuan, the Qin Clan’s Immortal karma had only appeared for a single generation and that the Qin Clan descendants wouldn’t have any destiny of becoming his disciples.

But now an opportunity for cultivation had appeared before his eyes; Qin Yan naturally had to give it a try.

With this thought, Qin Yan made his decision and called out for his several juniors to go over.

Han Li looked at the scene with a cool eye and didn’t say anything.

Since he already gave Qin Yan a brief explanation, he naturally wouldn’t further mettle with their business.

With that said, Han Li hadn’t paid attention to whether the young masters and young madams of the Qin Clan had any spiritual roots. Among the mortals of the secular world, perhaps only one in ten thousand had spiritual roots. It was truly a pitifully small few!

Just as Han Li thought this, he suddenly saw that of the crowd of Qin Clan juniors who went over to Immortal Master Wu, two of them unexpectedly turned their head towards him and sneered at him. They appeared proud and satisfied, as if they were mocking him.

After Han Li saw this, he blankly stared for an instant before immediately breaking out in silent involuntary laughter.

Obviously, when these few people saw that Qin Yan didn’t call for Han Li to see if he had immortal karma, they believed that their Lord Grandfather Qin actually truly loved and favored them the most. Thus they appeared extremely content.

After Han Li inwardly shook his head, he felt disinclined to pay more attention to them and instead looked around the hall.

At this moment, those who remained seated without moving were an extreme few, only six or seven. The majority of those who had previously chosen to cut themselves off were displaying complete regret at this moment.

The only thing that aroused Han Li’s attention w

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