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“Then why?” The elderly person exclaimed in a low voice, feeling shocked.

“My magic power backlashed, and I desperately needed a cultivator’s blood essence to suppress the true essence in my body. Apart from you, the only nearby cultivator was old Daoist Wu. I can’t use you, can I? Just then, the backlash was truly too vicious; it happened two days earlier than I anticipated, and I was almost unable to suppress it,” the young person said with a bitter laugh; evidently, he was still quite afraid!

“So it’s like that. While it’s not your fault, you will still need to properly explain this matter to the higher ups. But based on my estimation, this may have arisen because you were too hasty in cultivating your Black Fiend Asura Technique. Youshouldn’t go to the blood prison to cultivate for now. Instead, take some time to consolidate your foundation before pressing onward!” The elder slowly said this after thinking for a moment.

“Rest assured! After I absorbed that old Daoist’s blood essence, my backlash completely withdrew. So long as I am more careful in the future, no such accidents will again occur. Recently, I have also felt that my cultivation speed has been too rapid, so I myself have been considering not going there again!” the young person indifferently said.

“Good, as long as you know about it. However, although this old Daoist has been exterminated, the person who planted a Spiritual Qi seal in this person is still quite troublesome! You must not ignore him. After all, it’s best to think of a way to not leave any traces behind!

“En, your words sound pretty reasonable! However, I originally believed that anyonewho wouldbecome friends with old Daoist Wu would also have extremely low cultivation bases. After preparing the trap, I asked those five friends from Meng to set an ambush, but who knew that a big fish would actually appear? Do you think that it was a group of low-layer cultivators or a single Foundation Establishment cultivator who took action?” The young person couldn’t resist asking the elderly figure behind him.

“Hehe! Based on my estimation, it was likely a single Foundation Establishment cultivator! After all, even if there were more Qi Condensation cultivators, once those four were set on fleeing, capturing them all at once is not that easily done,” the elderly man with a veiled face said without further thought.

“Since it’s like this, shouldn’t we temporarily avoid taking risks? When Sect Master comes out from closed-door cultivation, we can continue with some other plan; after all, Foundation Establishment cultivators are not to be lightly provoked!” the young man said with some hesitation upon hearingthe other person so casually tossing out the identities of the five friends from Meng Mountain.

“Temporarily avoid? What is there to temporarily avoid? You don’t know yet? Sect Master just sent out a notice that he currently requires a few Foundation Establishment cultivators to serve as blood sa

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