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Although Qin Ping was a servant within the Qin Residence, he would normally call a carriage whenever he went outside. He had never traveled so far on foot as he had today.

This tormented him by no small amount!

Qin Ping could feel his two heels faintly bruising, and his feet felt like they were pincushions being pricked. Not to mention that his throat had long become hoarse from talking too much.

However, when he saw his own new master was greatly interested by a small porcelain store and continued on to look in every direction, he could only grit his teeth and reluctantly follow.

After all, he couldn’t tell his master that he was tired. How could a servant such as he dare to complain!

“I’m a bit hungry. Do you know a place where we can eat lunch?”

Han Li’s unbelievably honest words stirred Qin Ping’s heart, and he repeatedly agreed after arriving at Han Li’s side. Then he made an extremely polite suggestion and immediately led the way to a small restaurant not too far away, praising the restaurant's exquisite signature dishes.

Han Li found this humorous but still wore an “I’ll let you decide” expression. QIn Ping then went in first, entering the two-story restaurant.

The first floor only had commoners eating simple dishes. The second floor, however, was where those of status went to eat.

Qin Ping naturally did not have Han Li eat on the first floor, although it seemed that his master had some intention to.

There weren’t many guests on the second floor, only three to four groups of people.

At one of the tables, there were actually five truly notable figures, three men and two women.

When Han Li walked onto this floor he naturally looked at this group of people with surprise. This was because those five were actually Qi Condensation cultivators of the tenth layer or higher; the appearance of cultivators in a mortal establishment was quite unusual.

‘Could they be from the Six Devil Dao Sects?’ Han Li first thought.

Han Li immediately restrained the Spiritual Qi in his body and used the “Drawing Qi Technique” that he learned after achieving Foundation Establishment, withdrawing all of his Spiritual Qi into his body. As such, in the eyes of those with far lower cultivation, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Han Li and just another mortal.

“Young Master, please sit over here!”

Qin Ping dragged Han Li over to a table by the window with great difficulty as his feet ached. Then he used to sleeves to wipe down the wooden chair before inviting Han Li to sit down with a full smile.

Han Li revealed embarrassment and promptly called Qin Ping to sit down as well.

This time, Qin Ping wasn’t too polite and, and after declining a few times, he sincerely sat down.

His feet were truly in pain, but he was unable to break away from his status as a servant. Fortunately, this Young Master Han who just entered the capital wasn’t particularly attentive to formal etiquette.

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