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“Could it be that they fled in advance because Fifth Sister fed them our information? Or could this be some sort of trap?” the middle-aged woman asked with a face full of worry.

“Impossible. If the enemy truly set up a trap, it would have triggered as soon as we entered. At that moment, we wouldn’t have been able to guard against it.” Han Li shook his head and rejected this.

When the others heard Han Li’s words, they couldn’t help but let out a breath of relief, but they still looked around in every direction. As expected, they didn’t find anything unusual.

“Senior, what should we do next? Should we first retreat and act on a different day?” the second brother asked, hesitant.

“Let’s first go and find that Steward Wang! If he is not here, then we will end today’s operation and retreat immediately,” Han Li coldly replied.

After hearing Han Li’s words, the Four Friends of Meng Mountain looked at each other and then silently nodded their heads.

Han Li released some Daoist magics to retrieve his boundary cores and took the lead, stealthily heading to the side of the Prince’s estate. The others then closely followed behind him.

Although Steward Wang’s residence wasn’t multistoried like the young prince’s, it was still a small three-room courtyard.

When Han Li and the others arrived nearby, one of the rooms was unexpectedly faintly lit, as if someone had yet to go to sleep.

Han Li raised his brow. It seemed this trip wouldn’t be fruitless.

With this thought, Han Li made a few precautionary incantation gestures to conceal himself and immediately used the nameless Qi restraining technique he had just learned. The spiritual Qi of his entire body immediately dissipated without a trace, as if he had become a common mortal.

Han Li’s figure flashed, and he suddenly appeared crouched by the wall outside of the room, pressing his ear against it.

Because this Steward Wang gave Han Li a great feeling of danger, Han Li didn’t have the confidence to release his spiritual sense and have it probe the room for information.

However, after Han Li listened for only a short moment, he flew back with a drastically changed countenance. He immediately concealed himself behind a huge flowering tree.

This scene greatly surprised the Four Friends of Meng Mountain, who all witnessed from nearby. However, they then heard Han Li’s voice, “Be careful. The young prince is in the room. Act with your own discretion!”

These words immediately caused their hearts to tremble. They all coincidentally held their breaths and carefully looked at the room, not daring to make the slightest noise.

Creak. The door opened. A youth wearing a light green embroidered gown walked out. This was none other than the young prince of Prince Xin’s residence.

After he turned his head and softly said a few words toward the room, he walked a few steps into the courtyard. The door shut itself behind him.

Soon after, the light behind the r

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