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“Close friend? Could it be the individual whom fellow Daoist wanted to save with the spirit herb?” Han Li seemed to have casually asked this, but he was inwardly very happy. He had been bitterly worried that he wouldn’t be able to raise the subject of that formation master by Qi Yunxiao’s side. He naturally couldn’t let this golden opportunity slip by.

Qi Yunxiao was stunned when Han Li asked this question and was a bit hesitant.

But soon after, he thought of something and made up his mind, nodding his head, “Senior is not wrong. This spirit tea was made this one’s close friend. As for that previous matter, it was thanks to medicine created from Senior’s thousand year-old spirit herb that my friend’s life was saved. However, although her life had been saved, her injury is recovering extremely slowly. Therefore.... Therefore, this Junior wants to shamelessly ask Senior if he has another thousand year-old spirit herb. Even if it isn’t a thousand year-old spirit herb, as long as it’s seven or eight hundred years old, it would fulfill my wish for my close friend to fully recover. This one is willing to promise all sorts of formation flags in exchange for the spirit herb.”

After that was said, Qi Yunxiao had a face full of anticipation and was attentively staring at Han Li.

When Han Li heard Qi Yunxiao’s words, he was slightly surprised, but his heart soon relaxed. Since the other party still sought something from Han Li, it seemed he would naturally succeed in his request for the other party to repair the transportation formation.

However, his face naturally wore an awkward expression; he would make Qi Yunxiao feel like he would owe Han Li a favor!

With this thought, Han Li muttered to himself for a moment. After a long moment later, he said with reluctance, “This one does have such a spirit herb on hand. However, this one intended to refine a medicine pill with it and use it. This is truly....”

Although Han Li didn’t finish his sentence, the hesitant expression on his face was enough for Qi Yunxiao to imagine the difficulty of this matter.

After all, Qi Yunxiao should clearly know what refining a top-grade medicine pill signified to a cultivator.

When Qi Yunxiao first heard Han Li had such a medicinal herb on hand, he immediately revealed an appearance of wild happiness. However, when he heard the words that followed, his expression became extremely apprehensive. Without even waiting for Han Li to finish his sentence, he immediately said with a half-pleading tone, “Junior knows that making Senior Han Li give a spirit herb is a bit forceful. However, this one truly feels great anguish from seeing his dear friend suffering day after day! So long as Senior agrees to cede the spirit herb, this one will allow Senior to chose from this one’s formation establishment magic tools as he wishes. Even if Senior wishes to take them all, Junior will have no complaints.”

When Han Li heard the other party’s words, his heart

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