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Down below, two barehanded youths were locked in close quarters combat. One was fat but held a steady composure and possessed herculean strength. This was Han Li’s good friend, Fatty Wang. Fatty Wang’s plump body boasted fists of mighty strength and a loud yell to accompany every punch. With each punch, a gust of wind followed. The other fighter was like a rat. He did not bother to block any of the punches thrown at him and instead chose to evade them. It appeared that he wanted to fight a war of attrition, exhausting Fatty Wang before finishing him off.

Seeing how his good friend was in the battle, Han Li naturally hoped Fatty Wang would win.

After a while, Fatty Wang still showed no signs of slowing down. Although Han Li did not practice martial arts, his intuition told him that Fatty Wang would not lose.

He looked around in hopes of finding someone who could explain what was happening here.

Han Li saw a person sitting not too far away on a rock. It was a youth constantly gesturing while crying out, “Hit his head, kick his waist, ai ya! Almost! That’s right, kick his butt, use all of your strength…”

This youth was beaming radiantly as he cheered.

It almost felt as if he was standing right next to Fatty Wang, giving words of encouragement as his personal coach.

Han Li concluded that this person was pretty interesting, so he slowly climbed down the tree to get to where he was.

“Senior, do you know the two who are fighting and why they’re fighting?” Han Li asked politely.

“What do you mean ‘do I know’? Is there anything that I, Little Abacus, don’t know? Of course I know everything about the fight! Who are you? How come I’ve never seen you before? Did you just join the sect? No, that’s not right, there’s still over half a year until the next disciple examination, so who are you then?” This person was very enthusiastic at first, but when he realized he had never seen Han Li before, his expression became serious and even a little suspicious.

“I am Han Li, a friend of Fatty Wang, who is fighting there,” Han Li replied simply.

“Fatty Wang’s friend? I know all of his friends, and you’re not one of them!” The person became more and more wary.

“Oh, I’ve been in closed door training for the past few years. Not knowing who I am is not surprising,” Han Li half lied.

“Is that right? You also joined the sect as a disciple four years ago? To think that there would be something that the omniscient me didn’t know.” He looked at Han Li’s clothes, appearing to believe in Han Li’s words.

The person known as Little Abacus and Han Li talked about a few unrelated subjects until he finally answered Han Li’s question.

“Junior Disciple, what you don’t know is that this is all because of a woman. That is…” the self-proclaimed smartypants said as he began to explain in great detail. Indeed, he seemed to know most of the sect matters that were floating around.

It seemed that there were 2 people involved. One

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