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In front of the children, Division Head Yue hollered, “Everyone, listen well. Inside the bamboo forest, there’s a small path on which you’ll proceed forward where you will eventually reach the Seven Mysteries Sect's Bone Refining Cliff. The first area of the path will be the bamboo forest. The second area will be a rocky slope region. The last area will be the cliff. Only those who have managed to climb the Bone Refining Cliff by noon will be disciples of our Seven Mysteries Sect. If you finish after noon, although you won't become an Inner Disciple, you can still become an Unofficial Disciple as long as your performance demonstrates remarkable prowess."

Han Li naturally did not understand what it meant to be an Unofficial Disciple. He only knew that all he had to do was to climb the cliff. Casting his gaze forward, he saw a steep slope with many lengthy bamboo shoots sprawled across its surface. It didn't seem too difficult to climb!

Studying the other children, Han Li was unwilling to lose to those in his age group. The atmosphere quickly became tense for the other children as well.

Division Head Yue cast a glance at the rising sun and said, “Okay, it’s almost time, prepare to set off! Don’t be afraid, your seniors will be protecting you from behind in case there’s any danger.”

Han Li turned his head and glanced at those unrecognizable youths.

These people were the senior disciples, so they should be from an earlier batch. Han Li could not help but think, “How impressive, if I manage to join them, could I wear the same robes of an Inner Disciple?”

As he was blindly pondering, Han Li discovered that the other children had already rushed into the bamboo forest. Seeing that he was left behind, Han Li quickly started moving forward as well.

Once the thirty children rushed in, they stopped moving as a group and scattered within the spacious bamboo forest. Behind Han Li was a lanky senior disciple with a cold look on his face, silently following Han Li. Han Li felt a little frightened and didn't dare to speak to him. Slightly intimidated, he lowered his body and proceeded to tread on the slope.

This stretch of bamboo forest looked ordinary on the outside, but after Han Li walked for a considerable amount of time, he found that it was slowly becoming more and more difficult to move forward. His footsteps were getting heavier, and gradually, Han Li began to use one hand to pull on the bamboo shoots, using the momentum of the bamboo springing back to its original position to propel him forward.

Han Li persisted in this manner for quite some time, but he eventually became too exhausted and had no choice but to find an empty space to sit down and rest, his breath leaving him in heavy bursts of air.

While taking a breather, Han Li turned his gaze and saw the lanky senior behind him. Although the ground was very steep, this senior disciple was standing nonchalantly on the ground as if it was nothing to him. His body

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