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“Senior Disciple Han, you are really deaf to the outside world. This was such a massive event in the sect and yet you didn’t know about this? Even though you were in seclusion, your master should have spoken of it to you.” Little Abacus’s tone seemed to get more and more suspicious.

After hearing the question, Han Li did not even bother to speak. Instead, he took out a medallion and passed it over for Little Abacus to inspect.

“Senior Disciple Han, what are you doing? When have I ever doubted you? How could I not believe you?! The moment I saw you, I realized that you looked familiar, I must have met you a long time ago, hehe!” Little Abacus quickly scanned the medallion, and upon finding out that Han Li was indeed the disciple of some Elder, he frantically laughed to defuse the tension.

“Now, can you tell me?” Han Li was still concerned about the question he asked earlier.

“Of course, there’s no problem.”

“Damn, this is terrible, I hope I didn’t offend this guy.” Little Abacus mumbled as his heart shuddered, then he told the whole truth of the matter to Han Li.

For the past few years, the Seven Mysteries Sect and the Feral Wolf Gang had more and more clashes for the sake of control over the nearby wealthy towns. In total, the two major powers had over 10 clashes, and they both suffered plenty of casualties. Trained as mounted bandits, the members of the Feral Wolf Gang were extremely ferocious as if they were unafraid of death, and they would go berserk at the sight of blood. The disciples of the Seven Mysteries Sect, despite having superior martial arts, did not possess the right kind of killing intent that was necessary, and when fighting the Feral Wolf Gang, they would always avoid causing too much damage.

Thus, in the end, the Seven Mysteries Sect would inevitably suffer more casualties. After a few more clashes, the higher ups of Seven Mysteries Sect couldn't take this lying down and thus, they had mobilized the majority of the disciples within their sect to smash the Feral Wolf Gang’s members into smithereens. There were two reasons why the Seven Mysteries Sect did so. First, the control of the towns within its territory was too valuable to be lost, and secondly, to have the disciples become used to bloodshed, allowing them to gain practical battle experience in Jiang Hu.

Even so, despite the Inner Disciples of the Seven Mysteries Sect holding the advantage during the last few battles, there had been too many casualties. Even some of the older seniors had failed to return to the sect alive. After Little Abacus said this, he could not help but sigh.

After that, the sect leaders changed their strategy by letting the Inner Disciples take care of some minor missions and gain experience elsewhere in Jiang Hu. After they were more used to combat, they would come back and join in the fight against the Feral Wolf Gang. By doing so, the number of casualties was effectively minimized. Now, after each Inner Disci

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