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Doctor Mo was extremely satisfied with the amount of effort Han Li had dedicated to his cultivation.

However, he still felt that Han Li’s rate of progress at breaking through to the next layer in the oracular chant was too slow.

These past few years, the illness Doctor Mo was suffering from had been getting more serious. He would cough countless times a day, with the bouts of coughing getting more and more frequent while lasting longer and longer.

As the condition of his body worsened, Doctor Mo started to pay more attention to Han Li’s cultivation. From his relentless urging, one could see the anxiety in his heart.

For some reason, Doctor Mo attached an enormous amount of importance to Han Li. Not only did he increase payment in terms of silver, Doctor Mo’s gaze was even filled with a tender and caring emotion as if he were examining a rare treasure.

Despite this, Han Li, who had reached the third layer in the oracular chant, noticed an underlying truth with his extremely acute senses. Han Li inadvertently discovered that behind Doctor Mo’s warm and friendly gaze was a trace of coldness and extreme greed, which made Han Li feel extremely uncomfortable

That gaze that Doctor Mo threw at him actually caused Han Li to be frightened from the tips of his hair all the way to the marrow in his bones. He felt that Doctor Mo saw him more as an object instead of as a living being.

This made Han Li felt puzzled. What could he possibly have that Doctor Mo desired?

“Of course, there's nothing I have that he would be interested in,” Han Li assured himself after thinking deeply.

There were even times when Han Li thought that he was overly tired from cultivating the nameless chant, and he would shake his head in shame. He could not help but blame himself; after all, berating Doctor Mo behind his back was an ungrateful act.

However, he did know the exact reason why, in the deepest recesses of his heart, he still held a feeling of caution whenever he interacted with Doctor Mo. As time passed, this feeling of caution got stronger and stronger.

Currently, Han Li was facing a huge problem. He had already reached the bottleneck of the third layer, but Doctor Mo’s stock of precious herbs had already run dry.

Obviously, Han Li was not a genius by any means. If it wasn't for the assistance of the medicinal herbs, his cultivation progress would have long since stagnated.

Every time he met Doctor Mo, Han Li could not help but to feel a sense of shame.

Doctor Mo had practically spent all of his fortunes to painstakingly aid Han Li in his cultivation, creating favorable conditions for Han Li, and yet… Han Li was unable to satisfy his request.

This made Han Li extremely unwilling to meet Doctor Mo’s gaze whenever there was an inquiry by Doctor Mo regarding his state of progress.

Strangely enough, for who knows what reason, the highly skilled Doctor Mo was unable to know Han Li’s progress without being told by H

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