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“Ah!” Han Li cried out with excitement and pumped his fist into the air.

By doing so, he revealed that he was indeed still a child.

His assumption seemed to be correct; when the bottle was in the dark room, the amount of light attracted to it was quite small. But when in a wide and open area, the amount of light attracted to it was far greater in quantity.

But what caused the light to gather? What use did itserve? Although he didn’t know the answer, Han Li felt he was close to solving the riddle behind the mysterious bottle.

Han Li knew that he would soon unravel the secret of the mysterious bottle, which made him tremendously excited.

At dawn, the light that had gathered around the bottle slowly faded away.

After making sure that there was no one nearby observing his actions, Han Li returned his attention to the bottle’s status. He bent down to pick the bottle up and inspected it, however, there seemed to be no difference since it was still impossible to open!

Han Li felt disappointed, but seeing how morning was arriving, he unwillingly put the bottle away and prepared to leave.

After all, he still wanted to return to the stone chamber to practice his cultivation.

For the next following nights at fixed intervals, the bottle would undergo the same experience. Countless specks of light would fly towards the bottle like moths to a flame. No matter how big or small the specks of light were, they were greedily devoured by the bottle.

Initially, Han Li thought that the bottle would continue to undergo the same process for an unknown amount of time, but on the 8th day, something unexpected happened.

When Han Li went back to the remote place in the mountains and placed the bottle in its regular spot, the absorbance of the specks of light continued only for half an hour when it suddenly stopped. The dark green designs on the bottle then began to emit a green radiance as golden words manifested on the surface of the bottle. The strange words on the bottle were imposing and firm, but the written strokes were unusual. The words seemed to belong to an ancient era, the characters flickering incessantly.

But this weird occurrence had ended as suddenly as it began. Aside from the golden words that were now imprinted onto the bottle, everything else remained the same.

After seeing so many strange things happening with the bottle in the past few days, Han Li was no longer as surprised as he had been in the past. Even the appearance of the golden words did not surprisehim very much.

Casually grasping the bottle in his hand, he tried to open the bottle on a whim, and much to his extreme surprise, the lid popped off with barely any effort.

'No way!' Han Li stared at the bottle in shock.

With next to no effort or thought, Han Li’s problem regarding how to open the bottle had been suddenly resolved. How could it be so easy to open?!

Repeatedly looking down at the bottle to confirm that what he was l

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