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Their weapons could only be seen as flashing blurs as the saber and the sword clashed with no clear victor.

Han Li wasn’t able to keep up with the fight at all, only understanding that the fight was very intense. The difficulty or effectiveness of their movements and which person had the advantage were far beyond his scope of knowledge.

“Junior Disciple Han, I don’t know which master you’ve trained under, but I’m sure your martial arts has made massive improvements after training in isolation, right?” Little Abacus curiously asked.

Every Inner Disciple of the Seven Mysteries Sect, after two years of practicing their fundamentals in the Hundred Disciples Hall, would be separated and be apprenticed to a master to learn more profound martial arts. Only after they finished their apprenticeship would they be able to hold a permanent position within the sect.

In the case that a disciple displayed remarkable strength in the Disciple Examination, they wouldn’t even need to practice fundamentals for two years. Instead, they would directly enter the Seven Supreme Division, where the Sect Leader or Vice Sect Leaders would personally impart some knowledge onto them, giving them a formidable advantage akin to a carp leaping over a dragon gate.

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