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“My sisters do not need to take the poison! Is my life not enough as collateral?” Lady Yan, who previously swallowed the pill, prevented Second Wife Li from taking the poison.

When Han Li heard Lady Yan’s words, he was slightly stunned, exposing an appearance of surprise.

After he immediately muttered to himself, he slightly nodded his head and said, “Since Fourth Martial Mother feels so deeply for her sisters, I, Han Li, will not be an unreasonable person! Fine, Second Martial Mother and the rest do not need to take the poison.”

After Han Li said this, he took the bottle from Lady Yan’s hands and stored it in his bosom.

“Since this affair has been concluded, I will first take my leave. Tomorrow at this time, I will come back to the Mo Estate for the portrait and other necessary items, then I will directly head to the Hegemon’s Villa.”

“Thank you for your troubles, Young Master!” Lady Yan and the others stood up to send him off.

Han Li faintly smiled, turned his body as easily as wind, and left the room.

Just as Han Li had left the small building, there were the sounds of many hurried footsteps from behind him.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Han, wait a moment. My second sister has come to find you for a certain matter!” Han Li heard the shouting voice of that young girl, Mo Caihuan, and sighed. He helpless turned his body.

He saw that little demoness take the lead at the front, followed by Mo Fengwu and Mo Yuzhu. They were all walking straight toward him.

Mo Caihuan overtook Han Li by a few steps. Then she widely opened her eyes, walked around him in a circle, and smacked her lips incessantly as if she were looking at a rare object!

Alright! Senior Apprentice Brother Han, I was already quite bitter from being cheated! However, I didn’t expect that you were also a faker! You actually went as far as to use a some small thing to trick me into moving around in circles.”

When Han Li heard this, he rolled his eyes at this girl. What ‘small thing’? This girl clearly wants a better gift, and thus, he must leave at once!

“Third sister, don’t be rude. Stop making trouble for Young Master Han.”

This was the first time Han Li heard Mo Fengwu’s voice. It was completely gentle and soft, like velvet, and could give a person a sense of comfort.

“What! Am I not taking revenge on behalf of our mothers? Who let this guy act so lofty in front of my mother!?” Mo Caihuan angrily asked.

Sure enough, the words Han Li heard fit his expectations. This girl had came here purely to vex him. In that case, he no longer paid notice of the little demoness and turned his head to Mo Fengwu , “Second junior apprentice sister, is something on your mind that compelled you to find me?”

Having Han Li speak to her caused her to complexion to slightly red. However, she continued, softly saying, “Fengwu came to find Young Master to simply know whether Third Sister’s Winding Fragrance Pills were truly gifted by Young maste

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