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“This man surnamed Wu is truly repulsive. Fabricating a letter and actually using Father’s name to marry Eldest Sister… truly infuriating!” Mo Caihuan uttered hatefully. Her despise for Wu Jianming was bone deep.

“Fortunately, it only mentioned your Eldest Sister. If the person that he had requested to marry was either you or Fengwu, I would truly not know what to do! With both of your temperaments, how could either of you possibly endure and falsely cope with this person?! The only one who has to suffer is Yuzhu. I don’t know when Lord Husband will return, and whether or not he will blame this mother”, Lady Yan softly told her daughter and sighed.

“Mother, how could Father blame you? Wasn’t it Eldest Sister who took the initiative to socialize with the man surnamed Wu?” Mo Caihuan immediately consoled Lady Yan.

“Foolish child, Yuzhu has no option but to do this for the sake of the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association and the Mo Estate! However, the most Mother could do was have your eldest sister interact with that fake. There is no way I can truly marry your eldest sister to him. If we cannot delay the wedding, then we will be forced to be hostile and capture him!” Lady Yan’s voice grew cold as she spoke this last sentence.

Once Lady Yan uttered these words, the room’s atmosphere returned to a state of calm. It was clear that this mother-daughter pair knew what hostility would entail.

“When will Father finally return?” Mo Caihuan faintly asked a moment later.

“When your father left, he had said that the latest that he could return would be five to six years from then, the earliest being two to three years,” Lady Yan sadly replied.

“However, it has been almost ten years. I can no longer clearly remember my father’s appearance!” Mo Caihuan slowly said.

“Be at ease! Your father happens to be an outstanding genius of his generation. With his hidden skills, there are no problems that he can’t overcome! He was definitely delayed over some important matter, and will soon return to the Mo Estate.” Although Lady Yan was speaking to her daughter, she was trying to comfort herself as well.

“Oh, that’s right, Second Sister Fengwu concocted a rejuvenating cosmetic elixir for me to give to you. Mother, why don’t you try it out? I heard its effects are quite good!” In order to break the room’s heavy atmosphere, the girl suddenly changed the subject and started chatting about another matter.

“This child…”


Following along with the mother-daughter pair’s mundane gossip, Han Li didn’t hear any other useful information.

Han Li discovered from their dialogue that Lady Yan’s relationship with Doctor Mo was quite intimate. It seemed that Han Li could trust her. After a moment of contemplation, Han Li felt that personally appearing and tolerating this fake Young Master Wu was a better alternative by far than allowing the possibility of something insidious occurring. Nevertheless, Han Li had to first secure the Pre

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