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Another more popular method was to use something called “spirit stones” as a form of currency in business transactions among cultivators to buy and sell goods.

As the name implies, a “spirit stone” is a type of stone that was full of the world’s Spiritual Qi. The amount of Spiritual Qi accumulated in the spirit stone is a huge supplement for cultivators.

If a cultivator absorbed the Spiritual Qi within the spirit stone during meditationas he cultivated, his speed of cultivation would reach astonishing rates. After all, the scattered Spiritual Qi that a cultivator would have to absorb and refine by himself was quite different from having pure, refined Spiritual Qi next to him that he could absorb and refine as he wished.

However, this was not a spirit stone’s greatest effect. The most important usage of the spirit stone was for magic techniques and to set up a formation spell.

Whether or not a high-grade formation spell succeeded and was effective, it all depended upon the effectiveness of the spirit stones used. A good spirit stone would not only guarantee the success of the formation spell, it would also increase the power dramatically.

However, the amount of spirit stones used for magic techniques was far above the utility of formation spells. This was because a cultivator had to rely on his own magic power cultivation to determine the grade and effectiveness of the magic technique he wanted to execute. Since it was almost impossible to rely on oneself and use a high-grade magic technique, spirit stones became the best magic power amplification object.

If a cultivator cast a very powerful magic spell while holding a spirit stone in his hand, the Spiritual Qi within the spirit stone would continuously replenish the cultivator’s loss of magic power during magic casting. In this manner, it was able to support magic techniques one would originally be unable to use.

Therefore, the spirit stones had become the best option for cultivators to gain the upper hand and win from a position of weakness. They were also the best strength recovery tonic after magic power was greatly depleted, and would increase one’s chances of survival during a fight by leaps and bounds.

Spirit stones have so many uses and amazing effects, so naturally, the value for a spirit stone rose as well.

But because of the vast consumption of the spirit stones, along with the excessive exploitation and continuous decline of their ore veins, spirit stones had gradually became a precious luxury good in the present day of the cultivating world. In short, it became a cultivator’s optimal safeguard for business transactions and the only circulating monetary currency. Furthermore, there was even a collaborative decision on the detailed differentiation on a spirit stone’s specifications and grade.

Spirit stones were grade into four grades according to the amount of spirit power they contained. The four grades comprised of low-grade spirit stone, mid

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