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Similar to grabbing hold of a little chick, the huge giant carried the blue-robed man with a single hand and rapidly walked out of the forest. Its body, covered with blood stains coupled with the sight of its green robes, was similar to the brilliance of a blossoming peach flower.

Li Feiyu sucked in a breath of cold air.

As the huge giant walked in front of the two, it tossed the blue-robed man onto the ground. Shortly after, Li Feiyu could smell an acrid smell of blood wafting towards him.

Li Feiyu’s expression underwent a tremendous change as he unconsciously stepped backwards, making a warding gesture with his hands.

The huge giant did not concern itself with Li Feiyu’s actions; instead, it strode forward and stood behind Han Li, becoming silent and motionless as if it had never left that spot.

Only then did Li Feiyu let out a breath of air. He suddenly let out a laugh as he looked at the blue-robed man on the ground while surreptitiously stealing glances at the calm Han Li.

“I say, how can you still be so calm and collected! So the reason was because of the expert behind your back! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You caused me to panic this whole time.” Although appearing very relaxed on the surface, Li Feiyu’s heart was wildly trembling as he started to guess at the relationship between the green-robed giant and Han Li.

Han Li could tell what Li Feiyu was thinking, but he had no intention to explain anything to him. An enigmatic smile broke out on Han Li’s visage as he calmly said:

“This blue-robed Enforcer should know plenty of information. Who among us is going to interrogate him? I feel that you, Division Head Deputy Li, should have more experience in this than me. Shall I leave him to you?”

Noting how Han Li dodged the question, he knew that Han Li had no intention of introducing the huge giant to him; as such, he couldn’t help but feel worried in his heart.

However, regarding the interrogation of the Enforcer, he was extremely interested. After he heard Han Li’s suggestion, he swiftly accepted the proposition like a boat flowing along with the current,.

Li Feiyu lifted the blue-robed man, lightly dashed into the forest, and started his interrogation while Han Li leisurely sat down on a nearby grass patch.

After a while, Li Feiyu came out of the forest with a gloomy look on his face.

“Why are you so fast? Is there any news that we could use?” Han Li didn’t stand up; he merely twitched his brows as he asked.

“Hmph! That craven coward, I haven’t even done anything to him, and he already told me everything. As for news, there are two pieces of information. One good and one bad. Which one do you want to hear about first?” Li Feiyu replied in a depressed manner.

“Give me the good news first! At least we would be happier after hearing it,” Han Li indifferently said.

“The good news is that your guess regarding the Feral Wolf Gang’s plan was right.

The auxiliary forces have no

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