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Hearing these words, he raised his head to yawn. Then he sneered, saying, “Treat me unjustly? Those are some grand words. You think I am truly scared of your Mo Estate?”

“Were if not for the many days I had Teacher Mo for a master, imparting onto me his great medicinal expertise, and the foul reputation I would receive for bullying women… Humph! Against you, with only a single hand, I could kill this entire Mo Estate without allowing even a dog or chicken to remain!” Han Li’s words chilled to the bone, his expression extremely sinister.

Han Li determined his plan. Since he was unable to cheat the Mo Estate of the precious jade, he would adopt a sinister attitude and only used unyielding methods. He planned to show a bit of his skill and have the wives know that this man was difficult to handle, forcing them to hand over the “Precious Warm Yang Jade”.

When Lady Yan and company had first heard Han Li’s fierce words, they all had stunned expressions. But soon after, they smiled bitterly. Third Wife Liu even bent backwards from her blossoming laughter.

It was clear that these wives were not convinced by Han Li’s words. But soon, their faces were completely frozen.

That was because Han Li had extended a finger. A fireball suddenly appeared at his fingertip. When this winecup-sized fireball appeared, the entire room’s temperature suddenly rose. It was as if the wives had entered a scorching summer.

Then Han Li cooly gazed toward them, as if he were trying to find a target for his Fireball Technique, in order to have these wives know he was somewhat ferocious. However, he did not expect that before Han Li made a move, Lady Li couldn’t help but yell “Cultivator!” with an expression of fear.

The rest of them also turned deathly pale. Looking at the five wives with an ice-cold expression, he saw that they were emotionally moved and looked at Han Li with gazes full of astonishment.

These women knew about the existence cultivators but were unexpectedly frightened by Han Li. Their expression appeared even more gloomy.

“You truly are a cultivator?” Third Wife Liu widely opened his beautiful eyes, asking with some doubt.

Han Li snorted. Hu La! Without saying anything further, he simply shot the fireball toward the table next to Lady Liu and reduced it to to ash in the blink of an eye.

This action filled Lady Liu’s face with fright, completely whitening it. She immediately stood and recoiled several steps away from the ashes before shakily coming to a stop. Currently, if any other man saw that lovely, delicate face, they would have immediately fallen crazy for her.

Unfortunately, Han Li absolutely could not appreciate this view. He was currently staring at Lady Li, who had shouted “Cultivator!”. He asked with a cold voice, “Second Wife, how do you know of cultivators? Could it be you’ve seen other cultivators before?”

“I…” Lady Li became terrified. She was greatly fearful of Han Li’s status of a cultivator.

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