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“Topic? What topic? I came here asking for your final decision! Do you want to depart from here and live in secrecy? Or would you rather have me dispose of one of your great adversaries?” After Han Li withdrew his gaze from the yellow jacketed beauty, he straightened his face and said this, not polite in the least.

After Lady Yan heard Han Li’s words, she wrinkled her brow and slowly said this to Han Li, “Young Master Han, don’t be in such a hurry! After we sisters thoroughly thought this through yesterday, we had decided to choose the second option. However, we wish to change the terms a bit.”

“I already emphasized that I do not wish to haggle with the several madams over the terms. This matter cannot be changed. Agree to my conditions and choose!” Han Li said, suddenly showing displeasure.

“Young Master, what do you think about my daughters’ looks?” Lady Yan did not take notice of Han Li’s displeasure and unexpectedly turned the conversation toward the three Mo sisters.

“National grace with the scent of divinity. To praise the innate beauty of these women with these words would not be excessive!” Han Li was surprised but immediately replied with a light smile. He somewhat vaguely understood Lady Yan’s plan.

(TL: “Outstanding beauty”: ????, national grace, divine fragrance )

“Our request is well within reason. So long as your distinguished self can eliminate the heads of the Rainbow Sect and the Hegemon’s Villa, not only will we give you the Precious Warm Yang Jade for detoxification, but you can also take all three sisters as your wives and concubines. Were you not looking at Fengwu just a moment ago? So long as you agree, she could be of your Han clan!” Lady Yan earnestly said, pointing behind her to Mo Yuzhu and the their daughters.

“Fourth Mother!”


Mo Yuzhu and Mo Caihuan’s expressions greatly changed, and they could not help but cry out. It was clear that these two had not been informed of this and were frightened pale by Lady Yan’s rash promise.

Apart from Lady Yan’s complexion turning slightly pale, she had still kept her calm.

It was no surprise that they were so alarmed. Han Li’s appearance was truly not astonishing at all, and he was a world of difference away from the two’s image of their ideal husband. They didn’t share a single common trait with him. How could they be willing to marry themselves to Han Li?

“Stop talking! This is a matter that I and your mothers have already decided upon. If you do not comply, you will be expelled from the Mo Estate.” Lady Yan said with a cold voice as she lowered her face.

Hearing these words being uttered, the three Mo sisters were all stunned.

Mo Yuzhu slightly bit her almond lips as her complexion ashened. The dazed Mo Caihuan gazed toward her Second Mother and Fifth Mother, both of whom usually loved her the most dearly, while begging with her eyes. Only Mo Fengwu was somewhat better, but her body had lightly trembled. She motio

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