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“The gang I founded, the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association, possesses 64,000 common gang members. Core gang members include more than seven thousand people. It is also one of the three great overlords of the Lan Province. Its main branch is set up in Jia Yuan City, and its side branches are….

“Throughout my life, I married five women and witnessed the birth of two daughters. My apprentices….”

“First Wife Jin, she had a gentle disposition. She was the sole daughter of the Golden Lion Escort Company’s Head Escort Chief, Jin Can. She has already passed away, leaving behind her daughter, Mo Yuzhu.

(TL: When talking about his wives, Doctor Mo is listing the order in which he married them and their maiden clan name.)

“Second Wife Li was educated and well-balanced. She was the daughter of some rich household. Unfortunately, she did not have any children.

“Third Wife Liu has a bold disposition, but she is rather ambitious. She is the younger sister of Quling City’s Lord and Wind Sect’s Sect Leader, Liu Feng. She bore no children. Pay great attention to her.

(TL: “Quling” means “crooked tomb”)

“Fourth Wife Yan is my younger female cousin from my mother’s side. She has a calm disposition, excels in scheming, and has great ingenuity. She raised one daughter, Mo Caihuan. Before I departed, I bestowed most of my authority over Fearsome Flood Dragon Association to her. You can trust her.

“Fifth Wife Wang is taciturn. She was infatuated with me and was previously First Wife Jin’s personal maid. She did not bear children, and she secretly grasped hidden strength. You can trust her unconditionally.

“Adopted Daughter Mo Feng Wu is the daughter of my confidant and subordinate. After her parents died, I received her as an adopted daughter. Before I left, she had just turned seven and was exceptionally intelligent.

“Yan Ge, Eldest Disciple. His aptitude is common. I have already passed on the cultivation methods for Demonic Silver Hand over to him. Before I left, he was twelve years old. His temperament is average.

“Zhao Kun, Second Disciple. I already passed on the Sleeping Dragon Arts to him. Before my departure, he was ten years old. His temperament is indiscernible.

“Ma Kongtian, my sworn little brother. He serves as a protector for the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association. His temperament…


Han Li held in his hand a paper filled with handwriting: Doctor Mo’s will. Currently, he was inside Hui Yuan Inn’s top room, walking to and fro repeatedly as he remained lost in thought.

The will was written attentively. Not only did it clearly explain the powerhouse that Doctor Mo had established, the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association, but it also crudely described the temperament of his wives thoroughly. This caused Han Li’s heart to sink slightly.

What was mentioned in his will were matters from ten years ago. The present state of affairs were sure to have had undergone an absolutely earth-shaking change.

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