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“Brother, why are you waiting here by yourself? Are you waiting for a friend?” A bright and clear voice suddenly came from behind Han Li, giving him a start.

Han Li slowly turned around and saw six to seven people standing not far from him. The one who spoke was a 27 or 28 year-old cultivator dressed in Daoist robes. This person had a blemishless white face and regular features. He held a horsetail whisk in his arm and was looking at Han Li with a smile.

“Does this Daoist priest have business with myself?” Han Li did not understand the other party’s questions and instead asked him a question in return.

“Hehe! Don’t misunderstand, we aren’t looking at Brother with evil intentions. It’s just that we saw Brother stand by himself with an appearance of curiosity towards everything. That’s why we guessed your esteemed self was a rogue cultivator that attended the meeting alone and thought we’d come and make friends. We’re all rogue cultivators much like your esteemed self.” The Daoist priest explained with a face of benevolence.

“You are all rogue cultivators?” Han Li was slightly shocked.

“That’s right. If your esteemed self is a rogue cultivator, then it would be best to stay together with us. That way, everyone will be able to look after each other during this meeting.” These words came from the delicate and pretty face of a young woman with a scar. Beside her was a large, fully bearded man carrying a broadsword on his back. The two seemed to be married.

“Yes, previously lone rogue cultivators that participated in the trade meet were regularly humiliated by those from large clans because they were too weak!” The Daoist priest solemnly said.

Hearing these two’s words, Han Li had somewhat understood the other party’s intentions.

This group of rogue cultivators were afraid of being bullied by those from cultivator clans during the meet. As a result, they voluntarily gathered together and created a small gang in an attempt to acquire the ability to defend themselves. That was why they looked everywhere for lone rogue cultivators.

Since the other party’s intent was clear, Han Li naturally could not refuse these kinds of good intentions. After all, he truly needed a small group to shield him from the rain; he did not care that this could only be considered a temporary thing.

However, he still needed to carefully ask the other party several questions before being able to join them with ease.

“Since you several people have looked out for me, I won’t conceal anything. I truly am a rogue cultivator. However, if you wish for me to join your group, could you first introduce yourselves and say what I must do as a member of your group?” Han Li calmly admitted his identity as a rogue cultivator, but as soon as the people in front of him revealed happy expressions, he put forth his request.

“It seems that Brother still has some misgivings! Haha! This is no matter. When the others had barely joined, they spoke almos

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