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“I could make the exception to act this once and cause the leaders of only one of the two gangs to disappear. After all. if the two hegemons were to simultaneously encounter misfortune, it would be far too easy for capable people to take note of this. The risk would increase significantly, so it isn’t worth it for me to brave this strange danger. Furthermore, apart from these two options, I will not yield in the slightest!” After Han Li said this, he hardened his face and spoke no more. He coldly waited for the wives’ reply.

After Lady Yan and the others heard Han Li’s two choices, their faces had a concealed expression of pleasant surprise. However, after they looked at each other, they still hadn’t immediately decided.

“Could your distinguished self please let us sisters talk this over for a moment? Afterwards, we will give Young Master a reply. After all, this is no small matter, we must greatly think this over!” Lady Yan prudently said.

“Of course, I am not unreasonable. But at the latest, I require an answer by tomorrow morning. The rest of today should be enough for you to discuss this over.” After Han Li said this, he no longer took notice of them and left in a relaxed manner.

Han Li climbed down the stairs and did not return to his room. Instead, he gave the burly gate guards a baffled sight as he arrogantly left the Mo Estate. After he determined there was no one following him, Han Li returned to the inn he where stayed at initially.

As he entered the inn, Sun Ergou hurriedly welcomed him.

“If there is anything to say, say it in my room!” Without waiting for Sun Ergou to start speaking, Han Li indifferently commanded him.

“Yes, Esteemed Young Master!” Sun Ergou respectfully followed behind Han Li.

Entering the room, Han Li sat on the couch and stretched himself before saying indifferently, “Seeing your urgent appearance, it seems you have something important to tell me?”

“Young Master, there has been an extraordinary event. I must report it to you, sir.” Sun Ergou mysteriously replied, unintentionally advancing half a step

“If there is something to say, then say it. Don’t be nervous.” Han Li looked at Sun Ergou with a tilted glance.

“Hehe! This humble person isn’t feigning mystery. A rather unexpected event has occurred. This humble person obtained the exact information to present to Young Master. Recently, a large number of Immortals have gathered in Jia Yuan City to meet together in some sort of “Great Immortal Assembly”. I’ve heard that so long as you can participate in this meeting, even common folk can immediately become an Immortal as a member of an Immortal clan.” Sun Ergou said, his saliva splashing around.

“Immortals?” Han Li was slightly surprised.

“That’s right, there have been people that have seen them with their own eyes. Immortals that can soar the skies, harness the mist and even expel lightning or shoot flames. Young Master, what do you say? If one does not have any l

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