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“With all this said and done, what do you all think? Be honest, I don’t want to have to beat around the bush again!” Han Li coldly said. It seemed he wasn’t influenced by Lady Yan’s act in the slightest.

Lady Yan wrinkled her brow. The youth in her presence was far more difficult than she had anticipated. Neither hard nor soft methods were effective; rather, she had no way of knowing how to deal with him.

“Could it be that you truly want us to immediately hand over our last resort and reveal our affairs to the enemy?” Lady Yan was somewhat unresigned. With the many years of handling the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association’s power, she clearly understood when to be a bit lenient and when to immediately put one entire hand on the table!

She turned her head to look at Fifth Wife Wang. Within these sisters, only Lady Wang was able to oppose her decisions. Therefore, she looked at her to see whether or not Lady Wang had a proposal.

“The matter of discussion with this person, I will leave to Fourth Sister, with whom I have no objections whatsoever!” Lady Wang saw the meaning in Lady Yan’s gaze and said, as cold as ice.

When Lady Yan heard this, she was inwardly elated and had somewhat calmed her heart.

“Very well. Since Sir does not want to beat around the bush, then we sisters will get right to the point and directly tell you the conditions.” As these words left Lady Yan’s mouth, she completely regained her bearings as the leader of one of Jia Yuan City’s three major gangs. The feeling of that delicate, powerless young married woman from before was completely obliterated. Her body dispersed the prestige of a leader.

“Good. From the beginning, I wanted to engage in talks as equals!” Han Li faintly smiled.

“So long as you exterminate the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association’s sworn enemies, the Rainbow Sect and The Hegemon’s Villa, the Mo Estate will no longer trouble you in the future, and we will also immediately offer you the Precious Warm Yang Jade. Furthermore, we will let you choose one of our daughters, whomever you fancy, as your wife.”

“However, if you’re unyielding in your plan rob the precious jade from us, or perhaps threaten us sisters, then your esteemed self will have been mistaken. I have already handed over the precious jade to my trusted confidant; if there is the slightest sign of trouble, then it will immediately be destroyed, ending us in mutual destruction.” Lady Yan said with an imposing expression.

“Lady Yan, are you not afraid of the wind cutting your tongue!? Have me, this one person, exterminate the Rainbow Sect and the Hegemon’s Villa? You must be truly absurd for thinking of this!” Han Li seemed to have already anticipated Lady Yan’s threat and wasn’t alarmed at all.

He had already known that the Precious Warm Yang Jade could not be acquired by acting rashly. Aside from their threats, he still didn’t know how many secret recruits they harbored, and thus capturing the other party and i

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