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Everyone who had seen this young man’s actions all thought that their eyes must have failed them.

Originally, when they saw the grey light turn and fly towards the crowd from the Seven Mysteries Sect, they believed the midget had changed his mind, intending to first kill off the rest of the humble martial art disciples and then handle the grey-clothed person.

Who would have imagined that the grey streak would fly into the crowd and actually land on the hand of a seemingly ordinary disciple, who effortlessly received it. This was far too much to believe!

The Seven Mysteries Sect’s side, including Sect Leader Wang and the grey-clothed man, felt both pleasantly surprised and relieved from the unexpected rescue.

Wang Juechu was in ecstasy and was even more glad that he had the foresight to agree to let Han Li participate in the deathmatch. He knew that the survival of the participants in the deathmatch, as well as the survival of the Seven Mysteries Sect, would henceforth depend entirely on this profoundly mysterious Doctor Han Li.

Li Feiyu had understood what Han Li had stolen. At this moment, his mouth had dropped open and did not close for a while. Although he knew his close friend was somewhat outstanding, to be able to take away the Immortal cultivator’s flying sword was a feat Li Feiyu could only dream of, making him absolutely giddy.

This actually went as far as to make Zhang Xiuer, Elder Li, and the opposing Jia Tianlong wide-eyed and speechless. Each of their facial expressions was very wonderful to behold.

Numerous gazes were shot out, included fear, doubt, and pleasant surprise, but all of them fell onto Han Li. Han Li had an smooth expression and was smiling all along. It seemed that he did not have even the slightest care for the spectators’ attentive gazes.

However, no one knew that behind that calm appearance, his mind was filled with endless depression.

Only the Heavens knew that Han Li absolutely did not want to take action! His original plan was to wait for the dwarf to negligently drop his golden barrier and then mount a sneak attack. Until then, he would conceal himself in the rear and use very small fireballs to easily kill the opposition.

But who would have thought that the plan of the Heavens would supercede that of men? Han Li, from simply seeing the grey streak fly about, had stirred an uncomfortable irritation and unconsciously used a technique he had learned earlier through endless practice: “Telekinesis Technique”. The result was an easy seizure of the object.

Such a simple seizure was greatly unexpected. Han Li simply extended his magic power towards the grey streak and easily erased the dwarf’s spiritual power, establishing a connection between him and the grey light.

On one hand, Han Li had effortlessly seized control of the opponent’s treasure and was secretly delighted. On the other hand, he now had no choice but to confront the dwarf, making him somewhat uneasy.


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