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Han Li merely walked a few steps before he heard a voice calling him from far away.

“Over here, Big Brother Han!”

Turning his gaze in the direction of the voice, he saw Wan Xiaoshan standing beside a green-robed elderly man, incessantly waving his hands to get his attention.

Han Li lightly smiled as he walked over. When he approached the side of the elderly man, Wan Xiaoshan started an introduction, “This elderly figure is from GreatSouth Valley, Daoist Master Qingyan. He is my father’s bosom friend. The recent GreatSouth Meeting was organised and held by him and a few other elders.”

The moment Han Li heard the youth’s words, he involuntarily cast a few glances at the green-robed senior.

This elderly man was tall and skinny and wore a green scholarly robe. With wide shoulders, long hands, and a pockmarked face, he looked rather terrifying.

After introducing him, the youth spoke to the elderly, “Brother Han is someone I met when I was adventuring outside the valley. Although he is a rogue cultivator, we hit off extremely well. Senior Martial Uncle must take care of him as well!”

The old man regarded Han Li, and suddenly, he shut his eyes, saying:

“Little Brother Han, your wood attribute cultivation art is not bad. Reaching the eight layer at such a young age…your achievements are seen extremely rarely even in our cultivation world!”

Han Li bitterly smiled in his heart after he heard the praise of this old man. If it were not for him consuming a large amount of spiritual herbs and pills, how would he have reached the eighth layer so easily? If it weren’t for that, he estimated that he would still be at the third and fourth layer.

But still on the surface, he respectfully replied with a touch of modesty: “Elder Qing, thank you for your praise, but I was just lucky.”

The green robed old man nodded his head and stopped talking to him. Turning his gaze back onto Xiaoshan, he asked, “Little fellow, those in your family have already arrived and are very worried about you. They asked me to bring you to them the moment we met. You should follow me as I led you to them now!”

Upon hearing the news, Wan Xiaoshan couldn’t help but to show a face of depression.

“Don’t tell me that seventh sister and ninth brother came along as well? I’m most afraid of their constant nagging….Is it acceptable if I don’t go?” Wan Xiaoshan gazed at the old man with hopeful eyes.

The green-robed old man stopped smiling and asked, “What do you think?”

“Sigh, of course I have to go back!” Wan Xiaoshan sank his head as he replied in a depressed tone.

“Hmmph! Your guts are not small, and you actually dared to sneak out without informing your family. If you met an Immortal cultivator who was unscrupulous in the middle of your journey, do you think you would still be alive?” The old man harshly berated Xiaoshan while glancing at Han Li out of the corner of his eyes.

“Isn’t this old man hinting that I’m someone with a c

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