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Han Li finally went into one of the side rooms of the Mo Estate in order to retire for the night. Mo Caihuan was tactful enough to not linger around, and she quickly excused herself. Her sudden behaviour as a refined lady left Han Li somewhat surprised.

Han Li did not know whether there would still be danger as he was still unclear about the attitude of the people in Mo Estate. As a result, he was unable to get any real rest and only dozed off a little on the bed.

The next morning, while Han Li was still groggy, there was someone outside knocking the door.

“Could it be that little demoness?” Han Li frowned, but soon shook his head. “This smooth knocking sound is definitely not Mo Caihuan’s style. But only a few people know that I’m staying here.”

Han Li was a bit suspicious. He found a towel to wash his face, then went to open the door. A twenty year-old youth with thick eyebrows and big eyes stood outside.

Once this youth saw Han Li came out, he took a glance to look at Han Li from top to bottom, then respectfully cupped one fist in the other hand and greeted Han Li enthusiastically, “ You must be Junior Apprentice Brother Han! I am Yan Ge. I could also be considered as your Eldest Apprentice Brother!”

“Yan Ge!” Han Li’s thoughts raced. This person was Doctor Mo’s eldest disciple.

“Haha, even though I am Master’s first disciple, my aptitude is not that good. I didn’t receive much of Master’s own techniques and even humiliated him!” Yan Ge told Han Li frankly.

When Han Li saw that this youth was unperturbed, he immediately had a good impression towards Yan Ge and promptly returned the greeting, “Senior Apprentice Brother Yan, good morning! Please come in and talk!”

“There is no need. Several of our Martial Mothers asked me to come here. They are looking for Junior Disciple Han for something, and they want you to make a trip down.” Yan Ge chuckled and beckoned with his hands.

Han Li was stunned for a moment when he heard this, but he swiftly nodded his head and complied. He closed the room door and walked beside Yan Ge.

Yan Ge was very interested in Han Li’s affairs. Along the way, he openly asked Han Li many things. He was extremely curious about the local customs and culture of Jing Province and asked about them endlessly.

When the two of them passed through the garden in the backyard, they unexpectedly met a young man and lady. They were Mo Yuzhu and Wu Jianming, both of whom Han Li had seen from afar yesterday. The two were walking together in the garden, like a pair of intimate lovers. It was as if Han Li’s own possessions were stolen by someone else, and that feeling left a bad taste in his mouth.

Evidently, Mo Yuzhu and Wu Jianming discovered Han Li and Yan Ge, so the former pair headed towards them. As the two sides got closer to each other, Mo Yuzhu swept a glance across the ordinary looking Han Li but didn’t say anything. However, Young Master Wu was suspicious of Han Li as he sized H

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