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Monk Golden Light had a prideful expression on his face as he stood in the middle of the arena with the members of the Feral Wolf Gang standing behind him.

Before he emerged, he had already guaranteed Jia Tianlong that he alone would be sufficient to face all the challengers from the Seven Mysteries Sect. But of course, the price for his services would have to be adjusted accordingly from the previously agreed amount of 5,000 taels of gold to 8,000 taels of gold.

The moment when Monk Golden Light thought about the rewards he would be receiving after the battle, a fiery heat rose in his heart. He stared disdainfully at the crowd, straining himself to hold back from slaughtering all the members of the Seven Mysteries Sect.

Instead of being with Li Feiyu, Han Li stood at the other side of the crowd.

Since Li Feiyu and Zhang Xiuer were standing together, whispering sweet words of affection to each other, Han Li naturally would not be so rude as to intrude into the personal world of the two lovebirds.

“Seriously, what is he thinking about when he is with his young lover? To think that they could still talk about their emotions and love right now when we are about to fight for the sect’s survival!” Han Li felt a sour taste in his mouth.

After he came back to his senses, Han Li, like the rest of the sect members, stared curiously at the dwarf standing in the arena.

“The Feral Wolf Gang’s participants all hiding in the back. This is too incredible! They actually allowed such a dirty-looking dwarf to begin the fight? Could it be that the dwarf has some sort of strange and profound martial technique?” Han Li blinked his eyes as he pondered in his heart.

Sect Leader Wang’s thoughts flowed down the same path as Han Li’s. Instead of rashly allowing his sect members to swamp the arena, he selected a Protector wielding a saber to test the waters. It seemed like he intended to scout out his opponent first before making a decision so that there wouldn’t be any accidental casualties.

Although the battle format was supposed to be a battle royal, if one side only sent out a single man, it would unquestionably become a one-on-one fight. As Sect Leader Wang thought about this, he decided to act as such.

When Monk Golden Light saw only a single man approaching him, he roughly knew in his heart what his opponent was thinking.

“He he.” The sound of a strange laughter emerged from his throat. His voice was capable of breaking apart drums, causing those who heard it to tremble uncontrollably.

The Protector that Wang Juechu sent out was a strong warrior more than thirty years old with an extremely valiant appearance. His hands, wielding the saber, were tightly clustered with visible green veins. One look was sufficient enough for one to know that he was extremely proficient with the saber. Even after hearingMonkGolden Light’s strange laughter, his heart remained unshaken, which proved that he had experienced countless battle

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