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“Time? Place?” When Xi Tieniu heard this, he was stunned momentarily. It seemed he had no recollection of it. But now, seeing Han Li so serious, he knew this was the crucial point of his service. He lowered his head and pondered deeply, trying to recollect his memory.

Half a quarter of an hour later….

“Got it!” Xi Tieniu suddenly shouted, raising his head. His face was completely cheerful.

“I heard the female Immortal tell her male companion that before they participate in the Immortal’s Great Assembly, he was to accompany her to an Immortal gathering place called the Great South Valley.”

(TL: Great South (Tainan)?? could almost mean southmost or the most southern)

“Great South Valley?” Han Li softly murmured to himself. He had never heard of it before, not even the slightest impression.

Han Li turned his gaze to Sun Ergou. If this place had a name, then this local gang boss should have a bit of information.

“There is no such place in Jia Yuan City! If there is truly such a valley, I would remember it quite clearly.” Sun Ergou creased his brow and shook his head left and right.

“Did you for some reason remember incorrectly?” Han Li brought his gaze back to Xi Tieniu as he spoke in a cold, severe tone.

“I absolutely did not. That woman also said that, as long as they hurry for half a day, she would be able to attend the meeting with her friend at Great South Valley.” Xi Tieniu said, hastily swearing to the heavens.

“Half a day! If a person were to walk by foot then they would no longer be in the vicinity of Jia Yuan City. But if these two were rushing on flying beasts, then the scope would be great. Even so, it shouldn’t stray from the boundaries of Lan Province.” Han Li inwardly pondered.

“Do you two know of any places called ‘Great South Valley’ or with names that include ‘Great South’?” Han Li’s expression eased a bit as he asked the two.

“Sun Ergou and Xi Tieniu looked at each other and spoke nearly at the same time:

“Great South Temple.”

“Great South Mountain.”

“There are two places called Great South?” Han Li was surprised. Groaning, he started to have a small headache.

“Young Master, there isn’t! There is only one!” Sun Ergou hastily replied.

“That Great South Temple was build on Great South Mountain.” Xi Tieniu added, not to be outdone.

“Oh! Very good. Then it seems that Great South Valley should located there,” Han Li easily stated.

“But Young Master, we have never heard of a ‘Great South Valley’ near Great South Mountain! It could be wrong.” Sun Ergou warned with doubt.

When Han Li heard this, he chuckled, “It isn’t wrong, it’s this place!”

‘You aren’t cultivators, so of course you wouldn’t know of this place. I suppose that there should be some sort of cultivator’s residence,’ Han Li excitedly thought.

“Where is the lowest point of this Great South Mountain?” After Han Li’s excitement, he recalled that this place wasn’t well known and asked without

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