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Han Li had already read over the the contents of this letter several times. The letter was not at all complex; it merely sent word that Han Li was Doctor Mo’s last disciple and that Lady Yang could place her complete trust in him. In addition, he could be used to settle any troublesome disputes the Mo Estate may currently have. As long as Han Li could preserve the Mo Estate’s safety, Lady Yan was to choose one of Doctor Mo’s three daughters as Han Li’s bride. The letter also laid clear instructions that the dowry was to include the “Precious Warm Yang Jade”. It even went as far as to say that Doctor Mo was currently occupied with an important matter and could not return and reunite with his wives. This way, Lady Yan and his other wives wouldn’t have to worry about him.

(TL: “????” means a master’s last disciple, which implies that Han Li is Doctor Mo’s successor.)

Although Han Li could not find anything unfavorable towards him in the letter, he was certain that that the letter contained a few of Doctor Mo’s tricks. Han Li knew that it was impossible for the outer writing to be so simple.

However, he could not find the method to reveal the hidden message. In addition, he wished to bring this letter to the Mo Estate as soon as possible. Only after gathering his courage did he deliver this letter to Lady Yan, but he was especially careful to monitor Lady Yan’s each and every move at this moment. He truly wished that this Fourth Wife wouldn’t make something out from the letter and then immediately turn hostile, demanding his arrest in order to avenge her late husband.

Fortunately, the terrible scenario that Han Li imagined did not occur. After Lady Yan finished reading the letter, she simply tensely wrinkled her brow. Her face then wore an expression of great worry as she seemed to have made some difficult decisions.

“Huan’er, go call your Second Mother and Third Mother, even your Fifth Mother. Tell them there is news of Lord Husband!” Lady Yan turned her head and instructed Mo Caihuan with a resolute tone.

“Understood, Mother! I’ll go.” Mo Caihuan knew this matter was serious, so she left obediently. However, just before she left the room, she pursed her lips and smiled towards Han Li. It seemed she was rather interested in this fellow.

“You are called Han Li?” Lady Yan raised her head, revealing a graceful and elegant expression.

“That’s right, Fourth Martial Mother!” Han Li sincerely replied.

“Could you tell me how Lord Husband accepted you as a disciple?” Lady Yan asked with a smile.

“I will do as you ask!” Han Li hesitated for a moment, but soon after, he felt that there was nothing to hide about the events that led to his acceptance as a disciple. Using a few select memories, he slowly told Lady Yan a summary of what had happened.

“Eight years ago, because Teacher Mo’s old injury had yet to healed, he lived in seclusion at the Jing Province’s Seven Mysteries Sect’s Celestial Rainbow Mountains. There

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