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Han Li raised his head and stared at the arena. Regardless of whether they were members of the Seven Mysteries Sect or the Feral Wolf Gang, all of them had no hint of color on their faces as they stared at each other with expressions of dread and fear.

Whether it was retrieving the “flying sword”, killing Monk Golden Light, or instantly turning Jia Tianlong’s ten bodyguards into ashes, all of these actions indicated that not only was Han Li an Immortal cultivator like MonkGolden Light, but he also lacked kindness or mercy. His methods were even more cold-blooded and ruthless than that of Monk Golden Light.

Thus, wherever his gaze landed, the people in the direction of his glare would lower their heads and hide. Nobody dared to meet his gaze. The current Han Li was capable of invoking fear into everyone.

“Still not getting lost? Could it be that you want to stay on the mountain and have me send you off?” Han Li coldly said in the direction of the Feral Wolf Gang members.

The sound of his voice could not be considered loud, but the thousands of people currently at the mountain summit could hear him clearly, causing them to be terrified by his voice.

“Quick, let’s escape! If we linger here, he will burn us to death!” An unknown person shouted.

Simultaneously, the Feral Wolf Gang and the rest of the invaders from the smaller sects instantly became chaotic as they pushed one another, trying to be the first to run off the mountains. The stream of people rushing down caused the small mountain path to be extremely crowded. Along the way, many of them were grievously injured and even trampled to death.

Shortly after, the Setting Sun Summit was emptied, other than the members from the Seven Mysteries Sect, there was no one else.

Wang Juechu was astonished and elated. Never would he have thought that the danger his sect faced would be so easily averted or that Jia Tianlong would be destroyed so forcefully. However, there were also traces of uneasiness in his heart despite his happiness.

He knew that since Han Li could easily avert their disaster, he could also pressure the Seven Mysteries Sect with ease or even destroy it, causing them to become the current Feral Wolf Gang.

As Sect Leader Wang thought of this, traces of worry once again appeared in his initially relaxed heart. Involuntarily, his gaze shifted to the center of the arena.

“Ai! Where’s Doctor Han?” The shocked Sect Leader Wang drew in a sharp breath.

Earlier, that indeterminable expert, Han Li, had disappeared without a trace.

“Did anyone see Doctor Han?” Wang Juechu hurriedly asked.

“No idea!”

“Didn’t notice.”


Almost everyone in the crowd had no idea where Han Li went, but this was only to be expected. After all, their attention had been fixed on the method that Han Li used to burn his opponents. Who would dare to turn their gaze from that inhumane monster? Because of his ghostly body movements, if Han Li didn’t want th

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