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Earlier, Han Li was afraid that the Broken Water Sect’s disciples would escape and alert the other enemies, so he had to personally get involved. Using Shifting Smoke Steps and Imperial Flight Technique in unison, he easily killed all the enemies in a short span of time. Li Feiyu, who was thinking of continuing his attack, was dumbstruck. Only then did he realize Han Li’s true strength.

After recovering from his dazed state, Li Feiyu was shocked that Han Li was able to possess such astonishing skill. Han Li’s battle prowess was a result of cultivating Blinking Sword Art.

This kind of thinking caused him to panic the moment he stepped up into the arena and immediately disturb his own inner strength, wishing he had cultivated in the Blinking Sword Art. Luckily, he knew the bitter truth— regardless of time or aptitude, it was too late for him to switch to a different sword art.

Further down the road, Li Feiyu continuously threw up his heart’s grief and sighed heavily at the lucky bastard, Han Li, for being able to learn such a terrifying skill.

Han Li was not in the mood to comprehend his good friend’s sour mood. Instead, he started to ruthlessly kill all the enemies he met, intending to reveal his true strength.

All the enemies that encountered Han Li’s strange technique were neither able to withstand nor receive a single blow. They all breathed their last breath of air, and even the high-ranked experts were no exception.

With Han Li’s exhibition of might, the two of them easily reached Elder Li’s residence and saw Ma Rong. They received news from Ma Rong that Elder Li and Zhang Xiuer had already ascended Setting Sun Summit.

Upon hearing this grievous news, Li Feiyu’s face turned green.

He knew that the current Setting Sun Summit was an extremely dangerous place. Zhang Xiuer entering that area was like setting a foot into the Gates of Hell.

With the lack of a better option, the two of them discussed for a moment and came out of Elder Li’s residence, hurriedly heading towards to the direction of Setting Sun Summit. But upon their departure, there was a minor disturbance.

When the two of them were about to leave, that loathsome fatty, the trusted aide of Sect Leader Wang, took out the command medallion and ordered them threateningly to stay behind or else he would deal with them according the Sect’s rules.

Currently, Li Feiyu was very impatient as he was only concerned with Zhang Xiuer’s safety. He could care less about the Sect rules, so he extended his hand and knocked the long-winded fatty unconscious to the ground. Then, he ordered his subordinates to continue protecting everyone while he and Han Li turned and left quickly.

When they reached the vicinity of Setting Sun Summit, the two of them were frightened by the sheer numbers of enemies. Knowing that it was impossible to charge forward, Han Li and Li Feiyu discussed with each other and came up with a brilliant plan.

They knocked out two dis

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