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Shen Zhongshan’s current mood was quite good. He was currently sitting in a private room of the Clear River Brothel and embracing an exceptionally beautiful girl, using his large hands to grope her delicate body in a vulgar manner.

Maybe it was due to Shen Zhongshan’s impatience, but his handling caused the gorgeously enchanting maiden to giggle nonstop.

“Miss Jin, I think you should just submit to our Gang Leader already! This is the first time our Gang Leader has been so infatuated with a woman. He came here in such a hurry even though the gang’s affairs have not been completely dealt with.” The person who said this was a dark fatty who wore loose-fitting gray garments. His waist was as large as a bucket, and his legs were twice the size a normal person’s. After speaking, he was somewhat gasping for breath.

“That’s right, Miss Jinzhi! Our Gang Leader has visited your establishment every afternoon for five days in a row and spent a large sum of money! Furthermore, you profited quite a bit. You only let our Gang Leader embrace you for a while and never let him spend the night with you even once. This just doesn’t make any sense!” The one who spoke this time was a middle aged scholar with a mole on his face. His eyes exuded a hidden fierceness, making him seem like a scheming person.

Currently, besides Shen Zhongshan, there were three other people in the room. They were none other than Fourth Level Gang’s three Great Protectors.

The dark fatty was “Mad Fist” Qian Jing. Disregarding his oddly plump size, he was actually extremely proficient in the “Berserk Eighteen Strike” and had killed many reputable experts.

The Confusian scholar was “MaliciousScholar” Fan Ju. Even though he practiced a very swift and fierce “Snow Wind” sword technique, what made his name famous worldwide was his dark heart, fierce methods, and sinister intentions.

Standing at one side was a dark-clothed person who had not spoken a word since the start. He was the strongest out of the three Great Protectors, “Throwing Dagger” Shen San. His unique skill of sending out eighteen throwing daggers in succession had previously helped Shen Zhongshan get rid of many experts who pursued a vendetta against him. In addition, Shen San was also Shen Zhongshan’s distant relative. Thus, he was the one Shen Zhongshan regarded the most highly in the Fourth Level Gang.

Just like Shen Zhongshan, each of the three Protectors had a pretty girl sitting in their embrace. But these girls were nothing like the girl in Shen Zhongshan’s embrace. She was delicate, charming, flirtatious and finely developed in figure.

At this moment, when the giggling little Jinzhi heard “Mad Fist” and “MaliciousScholar” Fan Ju’s words, her eyes immediately began to tear up, as if a teardrop might fall at any moment.

“When Master Fan and Master Qian speak like this, you are wrongly accusing Jinzhi. The moment others see Master Shen, they would immediately know that he is a hero! To

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