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When Han Li heard this, he was greatly disappointed, but it also did not surprise him. After all, the Yellow Dragon Pellet and Gold Essence Pill were mortal spiritual medicines. To ordinary people these may be miracle medicines, but to Immortal cultivators, these were indeed lacking.

Since the youth did not look up, Han Li also did not want to be long-winded, so he reached out to take the porcelain bottles back.

“Although these pill medicines are indeed a bit lacking, if you have more bottles, I will exchange with you!” The youth suddenly spoke, looking quite sympathetic.

After hearing the youth’s words, Han Li’s arm that was reaching out was immediately withdrawn. He laughed lightly.

“Did I say that I only have two medicinal bottles?” Han Li spoke slowly as he narrowed his eyes to focus on the youth.

“You have more?” The youth was slightly surprised, but he immediately revealed a cheerful expression.

“Of course, but if you want too many, I would still need to consider whether to agree with this transaction.” Han Li said noncommittally, as he was afraid that the youth might take advantage of the situation.

“That’s great! I don’t need a lot, just three bottles will do. It will be enough to allow me to break through the bottleneck in a short period of time.” The youth cheered up, appearing very passionate, which was very different from his previously cold demeanor.

This wasn’t surprising. Who would bear to part with any consolidation pill medicine that was able to improve one's cultivation? There wasn’t even enough to use on oneself! This was also the main reason why the youth had not exchanged the flight talisman these past few days.

Han Li’s Yellow Dragon Pellet and Gold Essence Pill were not considered top-notch spiritual medicine to Immortal cultivators, but thanks to the advantage of quantity, it was sufficient to allow the youth to break through to the tenth layer after being stuck at the peak of ninth layer for so long, thus increasing the youth’s power drastically.

However, only Han Li, a rascal who ate this type of medicine as mere snacks, could afford to use pill medicine for the exchange. Even so, Han Li was fully aware of the reason behind not exposing one’s wealth. Han Li didn’t want to the youth to have the impression that he could easily take out huge amounts of pill medicine without having any regrets.

Hence, Han Li touched his chin, making an appearance of pain as well as reluctance to part with his belongings.

“Is that so? Isn’t it too many? I have to exchange all the medicine I have on me!” Han Li intentionally muttered softly.

“This isn’t a lot! After all, this is an elementary high-grade spirit talisman. Think about it, if you had this spirit talisman with you, when you meet any dangers, you can immediately soar far into the sky. You can even fly faster than most of the birds. It’s equivalent to having another chance to live! Furthermore, as long as the talisman’s Spiritual

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