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While that dwarf was immensely satisfied with himself, Han Li was scheming in his mind.

Two men quickly jumped out from the Seven Mysteries Sect’s side. After they jumped from the crowd, without saying anything, they rushed straight toward the dwarf as quick as lightning. They were Wang Juechu’s two remaining martial uncles.

These two men wore grieving expressions. It was obvious that the tall and sturdy man’s death had greatly saddened them. As a result, they felt endless loathing for MonkGolden Light and paid no attention to his sword’s transcendent movements. They were consumed by the thirst to kill the opponent and take revenge on behalf of their fallen comrade.

Sect Leader Wang had originally planned to block their reckless actions, but acknowledged that this dwarf, capable of mystic techniques, had to be confronted sooner or later. These two martial uncles were the only ones capable of threatening the dwarf. Rather than blocking them now, it would be better to take advantage of his martial uncles’ desire for revenge and have them clash with the dwarf immediately.

Thinking of this, Wang Juechu swallowed the words that he was about to say to call them back.

Monk Golden Light had learned his lesson not long ago and did not dare to look down on these opponents. He propelled the grey light toward the two with one finger. The grey light immediately changed into a long beam of light and flew directly towards them.

The uncle who resembled a scholar immediately suspected that the flying sword’s grey light would fly toward them. He raised an eyebrow and raised his hand, launching a thin silver line from his sleeve. It collided against the grey streak of light head-on, stopping it for a second. However, the grey streak of light then rushed forward, as if nothing had happened. It seemed that the silver line did not have much of an effect.

The others could not clearly discern the nature of the silver line, but with the extreme eyesight bestowed upon him by the Eternal Spring Arts, Han Li was able to see it very clearly. It consisted of tens of silver needles fired off in succession in a straight line. However, he did not know what method the scholar had used. Such a powerful technique, capable of violently launching out many thin, feather-light needles, had greatly interested Han Li.

Seeing that the silver needles had no effect, the scholar did not panic and instead began revolving his body like a spinning top. Immediately after, his revolving silhouette ejected countless cold beams of light varying in size that split into two parts. One portion turned into a silver stream that directly struck the grey light, producing a sharp crackling sound as they hit each other. Unfortunately, it was unable to destroy the grey streak of light. The other portion flew straight towards the dwarf, colliding against the golden barrier. “Ding ding.” The impact itself was a spectacular sight.

The grey streak of light launched itself a

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