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“Which clan is Brother from?” After the youth finished looking at the dense fog with excitement, he seemed to have remembered something, so he turned his head to ask.

When Han Li had chatted with the youth just a moment ago, he realized that in the world of cultivators, aside from cultivation sects and clans, the number of rogue cultivators was not small.

The majority of these so-called rogue cultivators were either the last generation of a fallen cultivation clan or people like Han Li, mortals who accidentally stumbled upon some cultivation art and voluntarily entered the world of cultivators. Furthermore, the rogue cultivators from declining sects were separated from their inheritance; their cultivation was, for the most part, not at a high stage, generally lingering at Qi Condensation. As a result, cultivation clans have rarely treated rogue cultivators with high regard and had somewhat held them in contempt, just like how rich families from the secular world looked down upon poor and destitute families.

“I do not come from a clan, but rather I’ve cultivated by myself!” After Han Li thought for a moment, he decided to speak the truth. After all, pretending to be a member from another clan was far too easy to expose.

“Your esteemed self is a rogue cultivator!?” Although this was quite unexpected to the youth, his face didn’t wear the slightest look of discrimination but instead had a look of pleasant surprised.

He excitedly circled around Han Li, looking at Han Li as if he were a rare object.

“Didn’t Little Brother just say a moment ago that cultivation clans looked down upon rogue cultivators? How are you still so happy?” Han Li asked, somewhat amazed by this.

“They do, but don’t confuse our Wan clan with other cultivator clans. Our Wan clan has always treated rogue cultivators well!” The youth pridefully replied. He seemed quite proud of his clan’s practices.

“Our Wan clan’s ancestors were originally rogue cultivators. However they were fortunate enough to enter a cultivation school, becoming official disciples of the Giant Sword Sect. At this point, our Wan clan was established, and because of our origins, the rules of our Wan clan have always made it forbidden to discriminate against rogue cultivators.” The youth said with a smile.

“Actually, it isn’t limited to our Wan clan. A few other clans’ ancestors were also rogue cultivators, therefore they also bear no ill will toward rogue cultivators. However, these clans take up far too small a portion of the entirety of cultivation clans. That is why there is the saying that cultivator clans discriminate against rogue cultivators.” The youth added while shaking his head.

“So it’s like that! It seems I am quite lucky. My first meeting was with a little brother from this sort of clan, the Wan clan.” After Han Li heard the other side’s response to his identity as a rogue cultivator, he had somewhat loosened his guard around the youth.

“However Brother

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