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The air in the night skies could not have been considered cold, but Mo Caihuan’s delicate face was slightly turning green. Both of her eyes were ruthlessly staring at Han Li. In her heart, she was silently gnashing her teeth at this thick-skinned Senior Apprentice Brother.

At the moment, both of them had been standing on this little path that wound through the back courtyard for a quarter of an hour while suffering from the cold. They did not move as much as a single step. Originally, after Mo Caihuan realised that Han Li was impervious to her three ultimate moves—acting cute, acting coquettishly, and using tears—she could only helplessly gnash her teeth in frustration and stop walking. She initially intended to use these moves to trap Han Li, but succeeded to no avail. Now she could only unwillingly and pitifully stare at Han Li, locking her gaze with him, hoping that her opponent would give in.

But upon seeing the pitiful state Mo Caihuan was in, Han Li involuntarily let out a laugh.

Her expressions actually reminded Han Li of his good brother Li Feiyu. Previously, whenever Li Feiyu had wanted Han Li to help him with something, he would use the exact same expression on his face, hoping to move Han Li into helping him. After some time, Han Li became completely impervious to these kinds of expressions.

Thus, as Mo Caihuan used her best pitiful puppy look onto Han Li, Han Li remained motionless, standing there while admiring Mo Caihuan’s performance. He frequently shook his head, indicating his sarcasm.

Underneath Han Li’s vicious counterattack, Mo Caihuan was utterly defeated. She could only stop the puppy look she had been utilizing until now and exchange it with a ferocious look of rage.

Actually, Mo Caihuan already started to regret her actions. If her mother were to find out about this, she was afraid that not only would she not be able to con anything from Han Li, but she would also taste the discipline of their clan’s rules.

As she thought of this, she glared hatefully at Han Li. This little bumpkin, couldn’t he just give something to her? Didn’t he know that girls exist to be coaxed? He was truly nothing but a country bumpkin!

As of the moment, she had already forgotten about her outrageous request she had demanded earlier from Han Li.

Although Han Li had no experience in coaxing girls, he knew that he would nonetheless have to borrow the strength of the Mo Residence and thus could not afford to offend them. As a result, after Mo Caihuan’s anger burned for some time, he slowly inserted his hands into his robes, trying to find a suitable trinket to appease this little demoness.

Han Li finally took out a green jade bottle. Inside the bottle, there were a few flaming red pills that release an extremely strong fragrance.

These pills were known as the the “Winding Fragrance Pills”. Taken by royal concubines, this pill had no other other effect other than causing the one who ingested the pill to emit

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