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Maybe lady luck was smiling on him, but a sudden thought flashed past his mind.

He quickly rushed towards the leather pouch which he had discarded and with deft movement, took out the good luck charm that was hidden inside neatly and quickly.

The moment his palm brushed against the good luck charm, a refreshing feeling was emitted from it, calming his mind. His previous frustrations and melancholy all disappeared without a trace, and his Qi and blood stopped surging, returning back to their normal state.

Currently, Han Li had no interest in discovering the root of the problem that occurred earlier. Holding the good luck charm in his palm, he brought it and pressed it against his face. Gently caressing it, Han Li focused all of his attention on it.

After a long while, Han Li heaved a sigh of relief, diverting his attention away from the good luck charm.

Han Li didn’t know that the phenomenon that happened to him just now was not because of “Qigong Deviation” but rather because he suffered from an "Inner Demon” that all cultivators would eventually face. Luckily, he discovered it in its early stages and fought it off by focusing on an object that was familiar to him. If he hadn’t, the Inner Demon would have entered his soul and controlled his body from within, causing him to bleed to death from his meridians. Of course, Han Li wouldn’t learn about this until after he truly stepped onto the path of cultivation in the future.

Han Li circulated his Qi throughout his whole body and found there was nothing abnormal about his condition. What made him gasp in astonishment was that instead of suffering injuries, his cultivation level had unknowingly increased by a great extent! He didn't make a breakthrough to the fourth layer yet, but because of his struggle against the Inner Demon, he had reached the peak of the third layer earlier than expected and was only a hair length away from breaking through to the fourth!

Because of this unexpected stroke of luck, Han Li had a smile on his face. However, he forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart. He was afraid that his unstable emotions would lead to another attack, and he was uncertain whether he would be able to survive if it happened again. With that in mind, he took the leather pouch, preparing to place good luck charm that had saved his life back inside it.

“Yi!” Han Li realized then that there was an object long forgotten by him inside the leather pouch. An object that had been left lying about in there for a few years – the mysterious bottle!

Han Li had completely forgotten about the mysterious bottle. The moment he saw it, he remembered what happened back then.

The current Han Li was an archive of knowledge and wisdom that far surpassed the Han Li from four years ago. In these four years, he had read all the books in Doctor Mo’s residence and gained a great amount of knowledge. He also cultivated the nameless oracular chant, which effectively sharpened

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