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Elder Li’s residence was not extravagant; instead, it was merely a small, humble house.

Surrounding several houses in close proximity was a two meter high, half a meter thick dirt wall encircling a simple courtyard. Facing the path was an arched, half-moon gateway through which Han Li could see that the courtyard was filled with many visitors.

Stepping into the courtyard, Han Li realized that the actual number of people was much higher than what he saw from outside the gate. They gathered in groups of twos or threes, discussing Elder Li’s state in low voices.

Han Li had already heard that Elder Li was a good-natured person in the Seven Mysteries Sect. Regardless if one was a lower-ranked disciple or an esteemed colleague, he rarely got angry with anyone, nor did he scramble for power and profit in the sect. As a result, many figures in the sect, both the important and the insignificant, had nothing but compliments for the old man, causing his popularity to be very high.

Now that Elder Li was suffering from a poison-induced illness, everyone with high status in the sect would eventually pay their respects either personally or through a representative. Not a single person failed to do so regardless if their reason for coming was heartfelt or hypocritic. As a result, the courtyard soon became filled by a throng of people.

Once Han Li came in, he was recognized by the people in the courtyard. The lowest Protectors immediately surrounded him, each striving to be the first to greet him

“How are you, Medicinal God Han?!”

“Doctor Han came!”

A wave of well-wishing rang out and continuously battered his hears. Even if he didn’t want to hear the endless noise, he had no choice but to endure.

Seeing these faces brimming with enthusiasm, Han Li similarly showed a bright smile that did not lose to the crowd in terms of splendor. However, although he appeared to be extremely courteous, he was actually sick of false pleasantries.

Fortunately, those with high status, such as the Vice Sect Leaders and Consecrated Elders, implicitly nodded their heads in Han Li’s direction, showing their acknowledgement of his arrival without making a move to approach him.

Seeing that they did not make it uncomfortable for Han Li by making him greet them, Han Li had a good impression about these esteemed individuals.

Because of Ma Rong’s low status, he was unable to anything besides stand to the side with a look of concern. As the Protectors tried to get closer to Han Li with their constant stream of pleasantries, Ma Rong’s face revealed worry while both of his bands rubbed against each other nonstop.

Finally, after Han Li finished greeting the last person, Ma Rong couldn’t wait any longer and immediately rushed forward, grabbing Han Li’s arm with one hand and charging straight into the house. This rude and impetuous action angered a few people who wished to get on good terms with Medicinal God Han, revealing a bit of their disp

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