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The sun hung high up in the sky. Despite this time of year being the beginning of autumn, the heat from the sun was scorching hot.

Doctor Mo was in his room, fidgeting. Although he was confident in his methods of dealing with Han Li, he could not be completely at ease.

Suddenly, sounds of footsteps could be heard, slowly approaching his residence.

When he heard the sounds of the familiar footsteps, Doctor Mo was filled with joy. He rushed hurriedly and opened the door.

As expected, standing outside the door was his long awaited target – Han Li.

Looking at him as Han Li walked towards him, Doctor Mo fiercely suppressed the glee in his heart before allowing a trace of smile on his face.

“Not bad, you are indeed punctual. Seeing that you have made no attempts to escape, I’m truly happy. This means that you are intelligent. Let us enter the house before we have a good discussion.”

The expressions on Doctor Mo’s face was like that of a kindly elderly neighbor. The smile on his face was akin to a blooming flower.

“You can relax, I didn’t set any traps in the house,” Doctor Mo quickly explained to him, seeing the alertness in Han Li’s eyes.

“Hmph! Since I’ve dared to come, why would I be afraid to enter your residence?” Han Li immediately replied, as if he couldn’t stand the slightest provocation.

After he replied, Han Li took a step to enter the residence.

Doctor Mo immediately shifted his body to the side, allowing Han Li to enter. After Han Li entered, he extended his hands, attempting to close the door, but before he could do so, Han li interjected without turning back his head:

“if you dare to close the door, I will assume that you have some tricks up your sleeves. There’s no way I would still discuss anything with you.”

After hearing Han Li’s words, Doctor Mo panicked. However, he swiftly recovered and left the door open. Unsatisfied, he exclaimed:

“I truly want to have a discussion with you. I mean no harm towards you. Since you are not willing to let the door be closed, we will just leave it open then.”

After saying this, Doctor Mo reclined on his chair. The two of them silently stared at each other. They have not met for half a year, and thus, they were considering and gauging each other carefully.

In Han Li’s eyes, Doctor Mo had clearly declined a lot. He looked even more aged and withered now, no different from a 70 year-old grandfather. Involuntarily, he murmured in his heart, “Could it be that what he said was true? All he wanted to do was to recover his vital energy? Was there truly no other sinister plan?. Did I overthink things? “

As Han Li studied his surroundings, his pupils swiftly contracted. That muscularly built, mysterious figure was standing silently at one corner, like some sort of corpse. If Han Li had not meticulously scanned every corner, he would surely have missed him.

After his prior inspection of Han Li, Doctor Mo was extremely satisfied with his co

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