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Han Li removed all kinds of weird oddities one by one from Mo Juren’s body. Some were items that he recognized while others were foreign to him. He sorted these objects in two piles that he placed next to him.

While sorting out all the objects, Han Li had a fair share of surprises, causing him to exclaim a few times. The amount of objects Mo Juren carried on his self was not small, and some were even dangerous and life threatening objects.

A tube of some mysterious poison

A bag of sand dipped in lethal snake venom.

Ten or so incredibly sharp boomerangs.

As the number of items on the floor increased, the more panicked and unsettled Han Li became. He realized how lucky he had been when battling against Mo Juren. If the other had not wanted to capture him alive, Han Li would have most likely died.

After wiping away the cold sweat from his face, Han Li laughed mockingly to himself: “Me, a living man, is afraid of a dead man’s possessions”.

After removing all the items from Mo Juren’s body he started to carefully sift through all the suspicious looking items.

“This small bottle is so foul-smelling, but it must be some kind of antidote, so it should be okay.”

“This weird looking weapon looks oddly similar to a wheel, and even though I don’t know what it’s used for, it shouldn’t be related to the Iron Slave, so I’ll first put it to the side.”

“As for this spice bag…”

Han Li continued to fiddle and inspect each item while talking aloud to himself, making it seem as if he was in high spirits when suddenly he found himself holding a small bag.

Within his hands was a normal looking spice bag that, under normal circumstances, would not catch the eyes of others. However, Han Li knew that since it was on Mo Juren’s body, it would not be anything but simple.

Han Li weighed the small spice bag in his hands in hopes of gaining insight on its contents but he only noticed that the bag was exceedingly light and could not possibly contain anything heavy. After weighing it for a second time, he felt that that there might be a paper-like object, or something similar, hidden within the small bag.

Han Li prepared himself mentally before opening the bag, and just as he expected, he saw several sheets of paper tucked inside.

He glanced at the paper and noticed that it was written in Mo Juren’s handwriting, which caused a heavy feeling to weigh down his heart. After briefly skimming the paper, he did a double take as he re-read the note and realized that it was Mo Juren’s personal will.

Han Li felt bewildered, and due to his curiosity, he carefully read the contents on the few pieces of paper.

After he finished reading, Han Li lifted his head upward and stared for a long time before releasing a heavy sigh. Furrowing his brows, he felt an extremely heavy weight descend over his heart.

With his hands clasped together on the back of his head, he looked like an old man as he paced aimlessly. He would firs

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