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Han Li hoisted up a rope attached to a bucket and threw the bucket into the mountain spring. Once the bucket was filled to the brim with spring water, he pulled it back up.

Without expending any strength, Han Li easily lifted the wooden bucket above his head, and with a flick of his wrist, a “Hua” sound rang out as the water in the bucket poured over his head, drenching him all the way to his toes.

“How refreshing!”

“How comfortable!”

Han Li and another youth both exclaimed in delight. The water was a soothing effect in the hot summer climate. The heat was unbearably hot, so as they poured spring water over their bodies, they shivered in delight.

“Heh heh! Junior Disciple Han, you really found a good place. This creek was well hidden, and yet you somehow managed to discover it,” The youth with a callous look on his face suddenly stated.

“This is nothing.There are even more remote places that are harder to discover. I have only managed to find a few, but it’s a pity that none of the locations I found had spring water as magnificent as this one,” The other youth straightforwardly replied.

The youth who replied, was Han Li, and the one with the callous expression was none other than Li Feiyu.

Ever since Li Feiyu obtained the first delivery of pain-relieving medicine from Han Li and tested them, he found that the medicine’s effectiveness was extremely good. One dose diminished the backlash caused by the Essence Extraction Pill by a great amount.

After experiencing Han Li’s pain-relieving medicine, Li Feiyu couldn’t live without it. Whenever he didn’t use the medicine, he would suffer a painful backlash from the Essence Extraction Pill. Although Han Li had given him a year’s supply of pain-relieving medicine, Li Feiyu had completely used up his supply within a few short months.

Facing the pain of the backlash that almost broke his limits, Li Feiyu had no choice but to thicken his skin and ask Han Li for help. The current Han Li wanted to increase his own strength, so he used Li Feiyu’s needs to his own advantage. After knowing that Li Feiyu was selected to enter the Seven Supreme Division, Han Li asked Li Feiyu for secret skills stored in the Seven Supreme Division in exchange for pain-relieving medicine.

The usually silent Li Feiyu agreed immediately upon hearing Han Li’s request.

In order to not let others discover the secret agreement between him and Li Feiyu, Han Li decided to explore the Celestial Rainbow Mountain for a remote location where they could do their trade in private.

The two of them decided to secretly meet up after a set amount of time. In their secret location Han Li would hand over the pain-relieving medicine to Li Feiyu, and Li Feiyu would teach Han Li some of his secret arts that he gained from the Seven Supreme Division.

Just like this, they were both extremely satisfied by their trade, which continued for half a year.

Li Feiyu and Han Li had taken to each other durin

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